Here’s where you can find Don Papa disco-inspired cocktails in the Metro

I may not have been born yet when disco became a huge hit in the Philippines, but basing from my parents’ stories, it seemed to have been a very fun scene! On weekends, they sometimes play the likes of Born to Boogie and Night Fever on full blast while I admire the disco aesthetic and fashion from the 80s. To help us experience this fun and flashy decade, Don papa Rum – a premium single island rum from the Philippines, has unveiled its latest global lifestyle cocktail campaign which takes inspiration from the wildly eccentric and gritty Coco Banana nightclub (which is Manila’s answer to the popular Studio 54!).

There are four disco-inspired cocktails to watch out for and all have been created by the brand’s Manila-based Cocktail Maestro, Aaron Goodall:

1.Coco Sour

A refreshingly tart and tropical start to the night at Manila Disco. The Coco Sour pairs the rich notes of Don Papa Rum with the spiced pimento dram, bright notes of grapefruit juice and lemon, and adds a tropical twist with a coconut syrup.

2. Manila Kiss

A bright and floral twist on the classic Cosmopolitan! It’s made out of Don Papa Rum, Dragon fruit syrup, lemon juice, and rose lemonade, layered gently to create a marvelous gradient for this bright pink number.

3. Chocolate Wonderland

The first to catch my eye! It’s a layered, richly complex punch, packed full of flavors from the East and West. This is a mix of Don Papa Rum, red wine, cognac, cacao, dried apricots, star anise, and salt and pepper infused overnight to create a holiday-inspired cocktail. You can lengthen it with hot water to warm you on a cold night, or stir up on the rocks for a spirit- forward hit.

4. Malate Martini

Meet Don Papa’s twist on the now iconic Pornstar Martini! Replacing the traditional vanilla vodka with Don Papa Rum, along with pineapple juice, passionfruit syrup, lemon juice, and egg white, this cocktail bridges the world of the classic Piña Colada with the recently the Pornstar Martini. Served in a large coupe, and topped with a splash of Prosecco, this cocktail is the hero serve of the Manila Disco.

You can find these fun cocktails at Run Rabbit Run in Makati City until March 31, 2022. Perfect way to end the week!

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4 Replies to “Here’s where you can find Don Papa disco-inspired cocktails in the Metro”

  1. Ay wow. Thank you for sharing po mukhang masarap din yung cocktails na ito kaya must try para ma enjoy din natin ang life😅

  2. Wow ang sasarap nman nitong disco-inspired cocktails . Pinka gusto ko ung manila kiss . Tlgang happy ang weekend kapag ganito ang mga cocktails 💞❤️

  3. That’s so nice po and thanks for sharing. Looks so delicious and must try and enjoy pa inumin sulit talaga ❤️🥰

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