‘Green parcels’ to mangrove rehab: How Garnier, Lazada and CORA are helping us take #OneGreenStep for the planet

As someone who heavily relies on e-commerce apps and online shopping websites for my needs, I’ve grown more and more conscious about the amount of plastic packaging that end up at home. I used to be one of the many Filipinos who wanted to live sustainably but found it intimidating, difficult, and quite expensive to do so. Thus, learning about how brands are trying to make a switch to more sustainable options, no matter how small, already make me happy as one step is always better than taking no step at all.

With #OneGreenStep, Garnier Philippines’ movement that aims to enable Filipinos to start their sustainability journey, the group intends to make it easier and more accessible for everyone to take the first green step. It kicks off the campaign with two big partnerships – Lazada and Communities Organized for Resource Allocation (CORA).

Garnier purchases made via Lazada starting this August will now come in eco-friendly packaging – paper box instead of plastic wrap, kraft paper tape instead of packaging tape, and recycled paper wrap instead of bubble wrap. This recycled paper wrap from FSC-certified suppliers can be re-used at least 6 times and it can disintegrate in water within 30 seconds. All items are packed in a paper box that is RoHS-certified and does not contain any hazardous toxic chemicals. 

This isn’t the first time that Garnier is doing this, though. Just last October, I wrote about how I received Garnier products in cassava bags and Geami honeycomb protective packaging via Shopee instead of the usual plastic bag and bubble wrap combo.

The team also partnered with non-profit organization CORA, which fosters sustainable development through inclusive programs that uplift the most vulnerable via missions addressing climate action, plastic pollution, and biodiversity conservation.

Through a mangrove plantation project called “WoMangrove Warriors,” Garnier and CORA pledged that for every Garnier All-Star Kit purchase made by consumers, one seedling will be donated to the women eco-warriors community who maintain and protect the mangrove ecosystem in Baybay, Leyte. Under the program, CORA and Garnier aim to provide measurable action for carbon storage and sequestration to help mitigate climate change, improve opportunities for livelihood and income for women involved in mangrove rehabilitation programs and biodiversity-friendly enterprises, and strengthen local policies to support women and children.

Since launching the program last June, about 1,200 mangrove seedlings have been donated to the WoMangrove warriors. Their progress can be tracked through Garnier’s information page on the partnership on their website for transparency, too!

My family has already been collecting everything we can either for donation or for proper disposal since 2019, but hopefully, more people will soon be encouraged to switch to sustainable options. We have a long way to go before we can fully achieve a zero-waste lifestyle but collective action is needed to get closer to our common goal of preserving the planet.

I’m thankful that Garnier and the whole L’Oreal Group is making a big step. Perhaps in the future, they can already do away with the plastic wrap around the actual products or maybe use recycled plastic/tubes vs new ones. I will be waiting for their next move as I continue to hope that more companies (and consumers) will follow suit. Garnier has my support! 🙂

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5 Replies to “‘Green parcels’ to mangrove rehab: How Garnier, Lazada and CORA are helping us take #OneGreenStep for the planet”

  1. #SanaAll can Take #OneGreenStep this is really Awesome ate Ces, Garnier is one of the Best and Effective Beauty Product .. Super ganda gamitin, i really love that packaging using this recycled paper Wraps, so Amazing 💯👌❤❤

    1. This is good news that Garnier take an initiative together with Lazada for #OneGreenStep for the planet. It is very important nowadays to reduce using plastics.
      This is very environmental friendly campaign. Garnier offers their high quality product wrapped in an eco friendly paper box.

    2. I must admit this really makes me wonder and amazed , a big thanks to Garnier and L’Oréal Group for making this really possible and wonderful. With #OneGreenStep we can actually do this ,and to a eco friendly Initiatives

  2. I already read this blog , Ang mga pagbili ng Garnier na ginawa sa pamamagitan ng Lazada simula sa Agosto ay darating na ngayon sa eco-friendly na packaging – kahon ng papel sa halip na plastik na balot, kraft paper tape sa halip na packaging tape, at mga recycled na papel na pambalot sa halip na bubble wrap.

  3. Nakaka amazed ang mga ganitong brand na may pagpapahalaga sa ating kalikasan Sana lahat no nagawan ng paraan para ma less yong mga packaging na medyo hindi eco friendly ,Thanks to Garnier and also Lazada and Communities Organized for Resource Allocation (CORA) for this campaign ❤️

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