LIST: #Adulting101 must-haves from The SM Store this 8.8 Mega Flash Sale

Aside from the monthly bills and work essentials, adulting – behaving like a responsible adult and accomplishing mundane yet necessary tasks – involve keeping our homes filled with essentials that can help everyone feel more comfortable. From kitchenware to bedroom needs, we have to keep everything in check! Since it’s almost Shopee 8.8 Mega Flash Sale, here’s a look at my top 5 list of home must-haves from The SM Store that are being offered at a discounted price (and yes, we’re all entitled to these discounts):

1.Neoflam Fika Cast Aluminum Fry Pan (Sahara Sand)

Price: Php 2,000 (originally Php 2,499)

Our kitchen and dining room have cream, brown, and mint green hues. Being inspired by aesthetics from the Home Buddies group on Facebook, I can’t help but look for kitchenware that is pleasing to the eyes. This cream-colored fry pan has a brown handle for #TeamKahoy people like me and The SM Store also offers stock pots, sauce pans, and grills in the same color and style!

2. Firefly Rechargeable Multifunction Foldable Fan

Price: Php 499 (originally Php 999)

Working from home is not easy when you’re almost always distracted by the scorching heat of the sun. Since turning on the air conditioner for more than 8 hours isn’t really part of the options, getting a desk fan which consumes less electricity is our way to go. This mini Firefly fan is space-saving, rechargeable, and would work even during a power outage.

3. Megabox Storage Box (6L)

Price: Php 100 (originally Php 129)

As a toy collector, I prefer not to display everything I have on our shelves. There are a couple of things and boxes that I prefer to stash away for safekeeping. However, big paper bags are not enough to keep important things safe, so I opt for Megaboxes (same as with other collectors). These containers come in different sizes but I go for the 6L size for mini items (e.g. Pop Mart and Nendoroids) and the 50L size for big boxes (e.g. multiple Funko Pops).

4. Ace Hardware Squared Table Top Charcoal Grill

Price: Php 450 (originally Php 1,199)

I super miss grilled food!! Because it’s not yet advisable to eat out due to the pandemic, we’d have to cook food on our own with the help of portable grills like this one. We recently bought a set for samgyupsal, so my eyes are on this charcoal grill this time. It’s only 14 inches in size (L 36 x W 30 x H 30cm), has an air vent for better airflow, foldable legs, and enamel-durable fire bowl.

5. 3D Empire Tower Fan

Price: Php 2,599 (use code SPP2021FF88 for 10% off)

Because of its space-saving feature, 2-hour timer, and over 60-degree oscillation, this 3D Empire Tower Fan immediately earned a spot in my to-check-out list! I’ve been eyeing slim fans for a while now so I’ll make this dream a reality this 8.8! For people like me who do not want to turn on their AC for long hours, I think this will also fit your needs.

When checking out these items, don’t forget to apply the SPP2021FF88 voucher code (limited redemptions only), as well as free shipping vouchers ranging from Php 50 to Php 80 this Sunday (August 8, 2021). Flash Sales will continue to pour in starting 12mn, so better brace yourselves for awesome deals! Also, spend wisely and make sure to buy “needs” over “wants”, okay? 😉

These are my top 5 picks from The SM Store this Shopee 8.8 Mega Flash Sale! What’s yours?

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5 Replies to “LIST: #Adulting101 must-haves from The SM Store this 8.8 Mega Flash Sale”

  1. Thanks for sharing this ate Ces, dami po talaga pwedeng pagpilian mapaAppliances man, Gadget or iba pa, super Great deals and Discount … AMAZING, and really worth to Support Local Businesses ❤❤💯💯👌

  2. Great deals and discounts. Must check it out at Shopee 8.8 Mega sale.
    This is big savings. Lets hurry.
    Thank you for sharing po.,😍
    Im sure this is worth to buy this product for it is high quality.

  3. Talagang mapapa add to cart ka ngayong 8.8 mega flash sale dahil ang laki ng mga discounts and may mga vouchers pa kaya makakatipid ka talaga and thanks for sharing this po very nice items and very useful din 👍🥰

  4. Wow! this is so nice 😍The best talaga ang Shopee and daming pasabog 🥰 Madami nnaman ang mapapa add to cart dito.. Sulit po talaga itong 8.8 Mega flash sale 🥰 napakalaking discount talaga nito bukod pa dun meron pang mga Vouchers and Pa free shipping fee 🥰 Thankyou for Sharing po Napakagandang items po talaga nito. 🥰💞

  5. I certainly agree with your lines of good products. They are absolutely amazing and must have. Good quality and great finds only at SM STORE on Shopee

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