3 Affordable things you’ll need to kickstart your room makeover

Jumping into the “quarantine trend” of the month is probably one of the things that kept people sane during years in lockdown. Aside from the DIY ube-cheese pandesal and Dalgona Coffee trends, room makeovers are part of my favorite things brought about by staying at home. Who could resist not redecorating their room after hundreds of aesthetically pleasing posts on Home Buddies via Facebook? After a year of Marie Kondo-ing at home, it only seems natural to start making our home-turned-work space more appealing to the eyes.

Since we cannot hire people to do the decorating for us, I took the liberty of exploring Shopee and ended up with three key items from Mini Home and IDA Wallpaper to kickstart our weekend DIY room makeover. I only listed three because these will already take up half a day or more:


Price: Php 128-130 (originally around Php 300)

Choosing a nice wallpaper for your room is one of the major decisions you’ll have to make before every makeover. The colors of your furniture, bedsheets, and rugs will have to complement what’s on your wall! I opted for yellow prints but the cream floral design was my second choice since I had a lot of cream and brown furniture (#TeamKahoy all the way).

Aside from sticking these on your wall, you can also use these wallpapers on furniture. I would recommend using glossy ones for cabinets, too!

Using sticker wallpapers are okay if you have lots of patience and an eye for detail. It can be challenging to measure walls and ensure that no bubbles are formed during the sticking process. All your hard work will be worth it after you see the results, though.

2. Matching Bed Sheet Set and Throw Plush Blanket

(Photo courtesy of Mini Home via Shopee)


  • Bed Sheets: Php 139-159 (originally Php 630)
  • Throw Plush Blanket: Php 854 – 949 (originally around Php 3,000)

There are a lot of designs to choose from, but because I love the color pink, I got a comfy throw plush blanket and a matching black and white bedsheet with lines to complement the design. The items from Mini Home are super affordable during sale season so I highly recommend purchasing from this shop during monthly sale-lebrations.

3. Vinyl Floor Stickers

(Photo courtesy of IDA Wallpaper via Shopee)

Price: Php 27 – 34 (originally Php 150)

If you want to change the tiles or wooden floor boards at home but you don’t have the budget for an overhaul, vinyl floor stickers would be helpful! However, take note that using stickers won’t be able to solve your problem if you want to cover huge cracks. That would require professional fixing!

Like wallpapers, the only challenge in sticking vinyl floor stickers would be the measurement part and ensuring that you stick everything in a straight line.

Both Mini Home and IDA Wallpaper are part of the Shopee 8.8 Mega Flash Sale happening today (August 8, 2021). Expect flash sales up to 90% off within the day! Plus, you still have time to apply the SPP2021FF88 voucher code (limited redemptions only), as well as free shipping vouchers ranging from Php 50 to Php 80. Flash Sales will continue to pour in starting 12mn, so better brace yourselves for awesome deals.

Home redecoration can be a personal DIY project; however, for home repair concerns, best to consult a professional!

Note: Before you jump in the room makeover trend, please ensure that you’re doing it for yourself and not just to impress other people, okay? It’s still better to prioritize things that can make us happy in the long run vs just getting in it for the #likes. Happy shopping and redecorating! 🙂

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6 Replies to “3 Affordable things you’ll need to kickstart your room makeover”

  1. Thank you for sharing this 3 affordable things for room make over. Yes I agree that this things are also essentials for our home. Room make over makes us feel more relaxing. Great that this 3things is affordable at its classy looks. Yes truly recommended because Im sure it is high quality products.😍😍

  2. ang ganda naman po ng room nyo ms ces and pati na rin po ang mga collections nyo ang cute at thanks po sa tips na ito talagang mas ok kapag bumili tayo ng mga affordable na gamit pero maganda ang quality para makatipif din tayo and wow up to 90% off kaya mapapa add to cart ka ngayong 8.8 mega flash sale 🥰❤️

  3. Absolutely true! Do it for yourself. If you are planning to redecorate some part your house make sure that it looks and feels right to you. Don’t just copy whatever you see on the internet, it should make you feel comfortable and peaceful.

    I like your style Ces! I have plans too on redecorating our family bedroom to kid friendly bed room ideas. Pero gusto ko pa din ay white. Para kita ko agad mga dirt o di kaya mga nagapang na insekto. Hahaha. Thanks for the tips! Great help! Check ko yan sa Shoppee. ♥️🥰

  4. Ang nice naman po ng room nyo po talaga namang napakaganda samahan mopa ng mga nag sisigandahang nyo pong mga collection 🥰 At talaga naman pong kahanga hanga dahil up to 90% off ang kanilang discount , napakalaking discount po talaga nito. At napakalaking tipid din talaga nito para sa ating lahat. Anyway thankyou po sa pag share ng tips. 😍

  5. Thanks for sharing these, Ms. Ces. Now, I’m thinking of choosing a very nice wallpaper for my room as well as the vinyl stickers for my floor. Cheaper than having another tiles. Affordable ito and sobrang cool pa sa room.

  6. I am so amazed by your great choices of Colours and the combination itself really does compliment. You got a nice eye for fashion, style and cool design.

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