This new employment app can help you check chances of job satisfaction for every application!

Let’s be real: In this day and age, working just for the money can be very draining physically and mentally (and sometimes, even emotionally). Job seekers now pick employers that can give the best salary and quality of life. The salary can easily be checked prior to contract signing; however, snooping around for feedback regarding the almost non-existent work-life-balance can be challenging. Good thing that such factors are now considered in this new employment app that we discovered from APPScape.

To help combat unemployment, APPscape recently introduced LapitJobs – an employment app that is completely free to download for applicants nationwide. This is their team’s way to help Filipinos get back on their feet again and adjust to the needs of a “new normal” lifestyle after the economic decline that took a hard toll on over 27.3 million people in the country. LapitJobs takes advantage of technology and social media for applicants to get ahead from the competition.


Job seekers only need to download the app and register for an account. Once it’s activated, device location must be enabled in order to find jobs near the user. Users can choose the acceptable distance of potential employers from their home and what Job Type they prefer. Users also have the option to check a certain location for a job position they’d like to apply for.

Screenshot from LapitJobs

After seeing the lists of jobs, it’s worth noting that the LapitJobs app can check both Net Pay and Quality of Life Factor Score for every app user:

  • The Net Pay indicates how much of the estimated salary will be brought home after deductions from benefits as well as the time that need to be allotted for transportation.
  • The Quality of Life Factor Score will let users know their estimated Job Satisfaction by taking into consideration the distance and salary if applicants were to proceed with the job position.


Meanwhile, LapitTauhan makes it easier for employers to be found by other job applicants. Employers can post an offer along with their location in the portal. LapitTauhan has a dashboard that can help employers in shortlisting, scheduling, and conducting interviews – preferably online, with applicants by informing them of the status of their application.

The best part? It’s free to register for now! There’s also a learning resource page called Tambayan – a platform feature for leaders to share their success stories or mentor those seeking advice online, which works like a forum.

LapitJobs is now available for download via Google Play and App Store, but you can also check out their website at

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4 Replies to “This new employment app can help you check chances of job satisfaction for every application!”

  1. Wow! 🤩 Very useful naman pala ng App na to para sa mga nag a-apply.☺️ Saktong sakto sa kapatid ko to na naghahanap ng work ngayon. I will tell her about this app. At soon ako na gagamit nito 😊

  2. Super convenient ng apps na ito today, mas mapapadali iyong paghahanap nila ng trabaho and magiging safe pa sila kasi no need na nilang lumabas ng bahay para maghanap ng trabaho, hindi mo na need makipag interact sa mga tao sa labas.

  3. Napakagandang apps nato,laking tulong neto sa mga jobseekers.Libre lang din ang registration at available pa sa Google play 😍.Ma try kodin tong e install baka dito na ako makahanap ng trabaho.Sobrang high-tech na talaga ngayon.Very convenient na at less hassle.

  4. this LapitJobs and LapitTauhan are very useful and helpful to find jobs during this pandemic. Kudos to the developers of this app coz they help not only the job seekers but also the employers.

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