Christmas Gift Ideas: Logitech holiday gift guide for every type of gamer

Thinking of a nice Christmas gift for gamers can be a confusing task. Every gaming gear that they use must be of the best quality in order to help them bring their a-game to every online match, so of course, we’d only want to give something that can suit their taste. With so many brands and choices out in the market, we got a tip from our friends from Logitech regarding 12 of their highly recommended gifts for every type of gamer.


These gifts are ideal for the casual gamer, or someone who plays less frequently than others, and usually prefers social or casual games designed for mass audiences. If you need gifts for teens, too, these products may be exactly what you are looking for:

G102 Lightsync Gaming Mouse (PHP1,190)

Designed to give both comfort and confidence so you can explore and play just like you want.

G213 Prodigy Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (PHP3,399)

Specially tuned for superior tactile response and overall performance similar to a mechanical keyboard.

G331 Stereo Gaming Headset (PHP2,599)

Produces big sound for the thrill of a complete gaming experience.


Core gamers are players who are interested in a variety of games and plays at a high-level, but still want to keep things relaxed and non-competitive.

G502 Hero Wired Gaming Mouse (PHP4,350)

Thoughtfully engineered and designed for maximum tracking accuracy.

G512 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (PHP7,299)

High-performance, featuring your choice of advanced GX mechanical switches.

G433 Wired Gaming Headset (PHP5,890)

Immersive audio performance for even greater sound.


A competitive gamer, who plays to be the best, deserves to use the very best gear, too.

G502 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse (PHP8,499)

The ultimate evolution of Logitech’s best selling mouse.

G913 TKL Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (PHP12,499)

Sophisticated design meets unparalleled performance.

G633s Lightsync Gaming Headset (PHP7,899)

Ultimate sound science allowing you to hear everything around you.


Probably the most meticulous out of all the gamers! These gifts will be handy for full-time competitive players who have made a career out of winning the games they play.

G Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse (PHP8,599)

Designed to be the ultimate gaming mouse for esports professionals.

Pro X Gaming Keyboard (PHP7,499)

The perfect pro keyboard with user-swappable switches.

G Pro X Gaming Headset (PHP6,999)

Advanced comms and precision audio, designed with and for pros.

Just in time for the holidays, Logitech will also be part of the upcoming 12.12 Sale on the Logitech Lazada Flagship Store. Discounts beginning at 15% will be up for grabs this week!

 Store PriceCampaign PriceDiscount
G102 LightsyncPHP1,190.00PHP1,012.0015%
G502 heroPHP4,350.00PHP2,999.0031%
G512 TactilePHP7,299.00PHP5,512.0024%
G512 ClickyPHP7,299.00PHP5,512.0024%
G433 blackPHP5,890.00PHP4,350.0026%
G502 LightspeedPHP8,499.00PHP7,250.0015%
G913 ClickyPHP12,990.00PHP10,912.0016%
G913 TactilePHP12,990.00PHP10,912.0016%
G Pro WirelessPHP8,599.00PHP5,399.0037%
G Pro X HeadsetPHP6,999.00PHP5,690.0019%

In case you prefer dropping by their physical stores during your next grocery run, Logitech products are also available in their partner outlets: Octagon, Silicon Valley, PC Express, Datablitz, Complink, I-Tech/Gamezone, Electroworld, Abenson, Office Warehouse, PC Hub, PC Worx, Villman, DynaQuest, Techwarez, Gameline, Thinking Tools, Gaisano Interpace, Digi-Serv Solutions, Davao FutureBright, Concept Computer, and Nutech.

We hope you’d be able to find the best gift for your gamer buds (or yourself) this holiday season!

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  1. Wow, ang laki ng discount!! Magandang oppurtunity to para makatipid. Thou pricey parin siya sa iba pero worth it naman yung quality ng bawat gamer gear.

  2. wow these are nice gift ideas to gamers. mejo pricey sya kaya malaking bagay yung mga discounts. these are a must have to gamers like my brother in law.

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