UNBOXING: Answering calls, having a talking trainer on your wrist with the Huawei Watch GT2 Pro

Remember when we used to admire the tech used in spy movies – most of which have characters with a cool watch where they can talk to people and display things they need to know? Well, we’re one step closer towards our spy dreams with the newly released Huawei Watch GT2 Pro! This device has Bluetooth calling, a loudspeaker so we can talk to anyone through our wrist, 100+ workout modes made more fun with the voice of a personal trainer, and health reports that are easily accessible with just a tap and swipe, to name a few.

It’s been a few days since I’ve opened my Huawei Watch GT2 Pro and I must admit, I am enjoying it despite having a watch face that is almost the same size as my wrist (I have small wrists).  Here’s a look at Huawei’s newest flagship Sapphire smartwatch before you hit that pre-order button today:


Out of all the Huawei devices that I currently have, the Huawei Watch GT2 Pro has got to be the most premium-looking of them all. The device is sold in a simple black box with shiny bronze accents. Upon opening the box, you’ll immediately see the smartwatch.

Alongside the watch is a small partition for its user manual, warranty card, cable, and wireless charger/dock. Pretty simple yet elegant-looking! I think the whole look could’ve been nailed if only the charger came in black to suit the watch as well.


Since I’m not used to wearing big watches, it seems that the Huawei Watch GT2 Pro demands its presence to be felt 24/7. However, despite being overwhelmed by the size and weight of the smartwatch, the Huawei Watch GT2 Pro is something that is worth the extra weight on my wrist. This is the first smartwatch that I’ve tried that has a customizable watch face that you can import straight from your Gallery. If you have a preferred image – may that be of a loved one, your favorite artist, or pop culture reference – it’s easy to change it via the Huawei Health app in just a few taps. Seeing an image that I like on the huge display made me like the smartwatch more.

Even though I’m clumsy and have accidentally bumped onto random furniture at home while wearing the smartwatch, it still managed to survive unscathed.  It’s made out of titanium, a mirrored sapphire glass, and a delicate ceramic backing, which enable the device to be shock and wear-resistant while being skin-friendly and anti-allergenic.

I’ve only briefly charged the device for a quick shoot but as of this writing, it’s still a little over 70%, which can still last me for over a week of daily use. This is a decent battery life for a device that measures your heart rate, blood oxygen level, sleep quality, and stress level 24/7. Plus, it has a professional workout feature with over 100 workout modes that include golf, skiing, and swimming. These are commonly found in smartwatches today, but what sets the Watch GT2 Pro apart is its loudspeaker function so you can hear your virtual coach say “Start workout!”, “Workout paused!”, “Workout resumed!”, and “Workout ended!” as you proceed with your routine. Quick stats presented on the watch during workout can also be further customized to show calories burned, time elapsed, cadence, heart rate, or clock.

Aside from the virtual coach, talking to a caller via your watch is now possible because it’s microphone and speaker-supported. You can either use the loudspeaker via the watch or use a TWS device connected to your phone when receiving calls. If you’re not in the mood to talk to people, it’s also easy to reject calls through the watch with just a tap.

Charging is also a breeze, thanks to its wireless charger that you can plug into your laptop or a powerbank. It has a magnet so the watch won’t fall off even if you move the charger. In terms of aesthetics, I think it would’ve been better if the charger came in black color, though.

These are just a few of the things that caught my attention at the moment but I’m sure there’s still more to explore as I test the smartwatch further. For more information about what else it can do, here’s a look at its full specifications:


WeightApproximately 52 g (without the strap)*
Display1.39 inch AMOLED 454 x 454 HD   The AMOLED touchscreen supports slide and touch gestures.
ColorNight Black
Material (Watch Case)Titanium + Sapphire Glass
Material (Watch Strap)Black Fluoroelastomer Strap
SensorsAccelerometer sensor Gyroscope sensor Geomagnetic sensor Optical heart rate sensor Ambient light sensor Air pressure sensor Capacitive sensor
Memory4 GB (The available memory capacity is less than this value because the system software takes up part of the space.)
ButtonsPower button, function button
Charging PortWireless charging
System RequirementsAndroid 4.4 or later iOS 9.0 or later
Waterproof Level5 ATM water-resistant   *Devices complying with the 5ATM-rated water have a water resistance rating of 50 meters under ISO standard 22810:2010. This means that they may be used for shallow-water activities like swimming in a pool or ocean. However, they should not be used for scuba diving, waterskiing, or other activities involving high-velocity water or submersion below shallow depth. For details of waterproof precautions, please refer to:https://consumer.huawei.com/en/support/how-to/newbie-guide/en-us00738723/
ConnectivityGPS Supported Bluetooth 5.1,BLE/BR/EDR
SpeakerSpeaker Supported
MicrophoneMicrophone Supported
EnvironmentTemperature: -20 ℃~+ 45 ℃ Humidity: 5%~95% (non-condensation)
ChargingCharger Voltage and Current Requirements: 5V1A
Battery Life2-week for typical use.   (The typical usage scenarios are decided based on the user habits. The specific battery life depends on the user habits and usage frequency.)
Inside the BoxWatch x 1 Charging cradle x 1 Charging cable x 1 User Guide & Safety Information & Warranty Card x 1

*Product size, product weight, and related specifications are theoretical values only. Actual measurements between individual products may vary. All specifications are subject to the actual product.


The Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro will be available for only Php 11,999, with pre-orders on Lazada ending today (November 12, 2020) and Huawei Online Store on November 19, 2020. Consumers who will be pre-ordering via Lazada and the Huawei Online Store can get freebies that are worth up to Php 7,380! The smartwatch will be available nationwide starting November 20, 2020.

If you’re the type of person who loves being notified even without unlocking your phone or someone whose hands are always busy, the Watch GT2 Pro may be a helpful assistant for day-to-day tasks. Even though I haven’t used its workout features fully, the health monitors, call feature, and social media notifications that are easily accessible on my wrist are enough to get my ROI of this cool device. Even though it appears too big for my wrist, I’m enjoying the huge display that it has.

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  1. Wow this is a quality smart watch from Huawei, grabe ang ganda kase you can customize the image you wanted to be on the screen of that watch. Sulit din kase d sya madaling magasgasan. This is a lit smart watch 👏👏👏

  2. Wow, this is really highly recommended, Worth the Price, kahit may pagkaMahal, pero Hindi tlga lugi sa ganda ng quality at Brand. At bagay na bagay tlaga kahit sino magSuot 💯👌

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