SWATCHES: Peripera Velvet Ink now in 3 new shades (Velvet Ink 14, 15, 16)

When people say “Peripera”, the first thing that comes to my mind is their velvet lippies with an “airy” or super light feel. This Korean brand under Clio Cosmetics will always be one of my favorites when it comes to gradient lip colors and I’m stoked to see three more addition to their Velvet Ink line!

Peripera launched their newest shades via e-commerce site Shopee last Wednesday (October 14, 2020) with affordable bundles like getting 30% off on all lip products, getting a free Peripera Ink Velvet Inkrush Orange for every purchase of 2 NEW Ink Velvet Shades, and free shipping to anywhere in the Philippines. Since we got first dibs, here’s a quick review so you can pick the right color for your skintone before their promo period ends on October 18.


The three new Peripera Ink Velvet shades come in interesting names that are printed on their packaging: Inkrush Orange (14), Beauty Peak Rose (15), and Heart Fuchsia Pink (16). The numbers follow the first 13 that have been released with a similar look.

From the boxes down to the main product packaging, you can already feel a velvety texture which adds to its premium feel. The shades have a Korean vibe to it and it’s very youthful! The brush tip is easy to use when blending the product on your lips as well.

Based on the packaging, Peripera Ink Velvet is described as a “creamy-textured velvet tint that provides high-pigmented colors with ink-lasting effect.”


Peripera Ink Velvet has a mix of fruity and bubblegum scent which smells a bit artificial to me. It’s not bothersome; however, people who do not like strong scents on their makeup may want to consider this. After application, the scent tends to go away, though.


All three shades have the same blendable and creamy formula which tends to stain after being applied for a few minutes. The image on the right shows how the colors look like when smudged after 5 minutes. You can see the outline of the shape that I initially made below and this requires use of makeup remover in order to be fully erased.

This product has a blendable formula like that of a liquid lipstick and a staying power like that of a lip tint!

Since Ink Velvet has a blendable formula, it can be used to create a gradient-like look or applied as a full lip color. It tends to stain so there will surely be color left on your lips even after eating. My favorite will definitely be Ink Velvet 16 since I’m a fan of dark red and brown shades.


All three shades are now available at Shopee for the introductory price of Php 405 (originally Php 450). Club Clio will also be offering a FREE Ink Velvet #14 in Inkrush Orange with any purchase of 2 Ink Velvet shades until October 18, 2020. Expect free shipping when you check out before the said date, too!

For more details, you can head to their official store through this link.

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