Here’s how a new local skin care brand offers BARE BETTER beauty, business, and future for all

When talking about business, only a few brands come into mind when it comes to giving back to the community – most of which I continuously support (and you may have read about them here in our blog), so I’m always happy to share the word about latest local discoveries that not only helps their consumers but also gives back to the community. Meet Bare Better – a new local skin care brand that believes in striving for more and getting better in all aspects of life. Better beauty, better business, and a better future with their Bare Better products!


Currently, the brand has six serums under their flagship product line called “the betters”, which address varying skin care needs such as regeneration, exfoliation, glow, hydration, restoration, and protection, to name a few. All luxurious quality serums are being sold at affordable prices to make it more accessible to the masses.


Aside from taking pride in committing itself to delivering better beauty, Bare better also provides business opportunities through their distributorship and dealership program that puts people over profit. It’s a simple but fool-proof business model that makes it easier for everyone to start their own sustainable enterprise – including those without an entrepreneurial background.


My favorite part about this brand is that they’re already giving back to the community despite being new to the market. Out of the six serums that were released during their September 10 launch, one variant was sold for the purpose of giving back to a community in need. The Better Future serum is an advanced anti-aging product that is able to lift and firm the skin while improving natural collagen production. Consumers who bought this variant not only helped their own skin, but also underprivileged children from Bare Better’s chosen community. 100% of the proceeds of the sale went to this project!

It’s great to see young entrepreneurs making a change in the business cycle and I do hope more businesses would do the same. For more details on how and where to buy their products, you can follow Bare Better’s Instagram and Facebook pages.

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