#CesPlays: Unboxing our ‘My Hero Academia’ toy haul from Big Boys Toy Store

Surprise! We have a new #CesPlays video that isn’t part of our schedule! Sharing an unboxing video ahead of time just to give everyone an idea about what we’ll be up to in the next few weeks under our toy playlist.

Story time: I postponed releasing this since it might seem too insensitive to share a toy haul while other people continue to look for ways to earn while we’re on quarantine. However, since things are slowly going back to normal, we’ve released this in time for our next Funko Pop and Nendoroid feature. Don’t worry, guys. I’m doing the best I can to give back to those in need. This purchase and collection were planned way ahead of the pandemic and I’ve also used my gift certificates from Shopee which were about to expire soon. Please don’t lecture me about saving. Rest assured that I know what I’m getting myself into.

Anyway, for those who are not yet familiar with My Hero Academia (also known as Boku No Hero Academia), it’s a manga-turned-anime that you can also watch on Netflix. It’s quite popular in the anime community and Gen Z crowd – my sister is also a huge fan! It’s about a quirkless boy named Deku, who eventually finds a power that he can call his own. He dreams of becoming an awesome hero in the future, even while being made fun of for being “ordinary”. It’s like Alice Academy (or Gakuen Alice) minus the sappy love story and normal school uniforms. (no hate!)

All toys were purchased via Big Boys Toy Store. They deliver toys while on quarantine to keep their business rolling. You can find them on Facebook and Shopee!

We’re doing a Funko Pop vs Nendoroid feature soon. Hopefully, that might help with queries like “why are those items so expensive?” and “how do you store those toys?”.

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Keep safe and healthy, everyone!

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