LIST: Photography apps best paired with Huawei P40 series

While we stay indoors to help flatten the curve, we think this is a good time to start learning something new — provided that you’re not feeling stressed out or prioritizing needs for the family (which is totally okay and normal!). For those who have free time to spare, why not learn a new language or tinker with photo manipulation apps that can easily be accessed through your phone? We have suggestions for the latter, which works well with the Huawei P40 phone that we recently reviewed.

Of course, we also considered the apps’ availability in the AppGallery and the web to ensure that these can easily be downloaded on your phone. With the P40 series taking pride in its #VisionaryPhotography, any photography app’s features would be leveled up – especially when the quality of the photos are great!

In case you’re looking for photography apps that can take your Instagram game to the next level, here’s a list to consider:


Where to download: AppGallery

This is my go-to app for on-the-spot posts during events. PicsArt can be used to add personalized watermarks on top of any image without ruining its quality. It also comes with pre-made photo grids and the basic editing tools (Brightness, Contrast, Crop, etc.).

2. Snapseed

Where to download: APK Pure

My favorite! It has almost everything I need for quick announcement posts – text styles, background adjustments, smudge tool for imperfections, color correctors, and a lot more. I call it “mobile Photoshop”!

3. Lightroom

Where to download: APK Pure

Those who are used to Photoshop tools can easily grasp Lightroom. It’s a compact mobile version of the Adobe Lightroom downloadable in your desktop/laptop. I usually use this in enhancing lights from night shots.


Where to download: AppGallery

It’s like a VSCO substitute, complete with presets that can be applied to multiple photos for your Instagram grids. All are customizable, though!

5. Camera360

Where to download: AppGallery

This has been in my phone for years already! That’s why it was automatically cloned into the Huawei P40 that I reviewed. It used to only have filters but what I like now is its nice brushes for designs and a photo corrector option.

6. FaceApp

Where to download: APK Pure

A classic! For fun, I use this to make faces look younger or older in photos. It’s kinda creepy, given how convincing the photos look so again — edit responsibly! This is also what people use to put a fake beard or try out different hairstyles on themselves.

7. Sweet Selfie

Where to download: AppGallery

If you’re familiar with FaceTune, Sweet Selfie serves a similar purpose. It comes with face enhancing options if ever you feel like you look too bloated/skinny in one photo or if your features don’t look good at a certain angle. There’s nothing wrong in editing features but remember to edit responsibly! We all look naturally great, there are just times that the photos don’t turn out how we imagined them to be.

8. Bestie

Where to download: AppGallery

The Bestie app reminds me of photobooths that we tried in Japan! Through this app, you can easily edit selfies or group photos to look cute – from blush to neko ears (cat ears)!

As supported by Huawei Mobile Services, the Huawei P40 Series runs with the HUAWEI AppGallery— its official app distribution platform. The AppGallery is preloaded with various choices of top and essential apps that will cover everything in the book – from entertainment, health, banking, lifestyle, games, and more. And if the app that you are looking for isn’t available at the AppGallery right now, no worries because the AppGallery is equipped with “Add To Wishlist” feature where you can input the app that you want so Huawei and their partner developers can hunt it for you. And once the app is available to download, a notification will be sent to you as well (or you can choose the auto download option).

If you want to know more about the AppGallery, you can visit

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  1. Gusto ko ma try yung light room. Since mahilig ako mag edit photo para ig worthy. 😍 Thanks for sharing this Ms. Ces 😊

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