#CesPlays Video 4: Putting Peppermint Butler’s parts together

Three down, two more to go!

For the fourth video of #CesPlays on YouTube, I tried to channel my inner Princess Bubblegum as I put together parts of another candy person — Peppermint Butler from Adventure Time!

Again, the extended community quarantine has been quite challenging for us on a mental and emotional level so we’re just trying to keep our spirits up by going back to the things that make us happy – TOYS. Added some fun facts in the video so you’ll get the chance to know more about the character of the week. Hopefully, this can also get you hooked to Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time, too!

For those who are curious about where we got the Adventure Time microblocks in the video: We got these from Miniso at around Php 299 or 399 – I already forgot, sorry! Will update you as soon as I visit Miniso again. Seasons 5 and 6 are also available on Netflix if ever you want to watch some episodes.

If you’re interested to see more characters being unboxed or built, head to youtube.com/cesdimalanta and hit the SUBSCRIBE button! For more lifestyle features, follow Manila Millennial on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram.

Keep safe and healthy, everyone!

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