Animated podcasts like ‘Midnight Gospel’ should be a thing and you should watch it

Podcasts have a close-knit market and it’s definitely not for those who prefer visuals with everything. Personally, I can only think of Welcome to Night Vale when it comes to podcast recommendations as it’s the only one that made my imagination run free; however, Netflix has just started to change the game with their newly released animated podcast called Midnight Gospel — which is seriously underrated here in the Philippines.

This looks like something from the Land of Ooo, but it’s not – it’s from one of the worlds in ‘Midnight Gospel’ on Netflix. (Screenshot from Midnight Gospel’s trailer)

Midnight Gospel appeared as a recommended series while I was browsing Netflix one weekend. The thumbnail instantly reminded me of Adventure Time and Pendleton Ward’s animation style, which led me to check the trailer – only to find out that it was indeed Pendleton Ward’s creation! The series gives life to Duncan Trussell’s existential questions at Duncan Trussel Family Hour podcast through trippy animation (which isn’t for everyone) and the creators’ overly creative imagination. Each episode is well thought-of, you won’t even notice that the audio was only repurposed from an actual podcast.

Netflix simple describes it as “traversing trippy worlds inside a universe simulator” with “a space caster exploring existential questions about life, death, and everything in between”.

Having a multiverse simulator is a good start for this animated podcast. With a simulator that can get you anywhere through a made-up universe, nothing can be “too weird”. Space-caster Clancey takes the audience to different dimensions in different “bodies” created by his simulator. You’ll never expect what happens next as it doesn’t have a fixed storyline that you can follow. It is still best to watch the episodes in order, though.

With a deep-dive into topics like spirituality, forgiveness, and death – which might be a good substitute for your late-nigh conversations –  it’s quite hard to not give 100% of your focus on each episode. It’s a series that needs your full attention; otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to grasp what the hell is happening as Clancey jumps from casually talking to an interviewee at one point and then immediately shifting to eject himself from an exploding world right after. It’s crazy, but it fits each topic perfectly!

There are times where I feel like I get information overlaod because of too much valid points in less than 30 minutes, so I highly recommend that you pause for a day or two after each episode. I only watch during weekends since I try to remember the quotable lines from the series. There are only eight episodes so try to enjoy it as long as you can.

To be honest, Midnight Gospel seems like a gamble for Trussel and Ward as it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but boy, did they hit the jackpot to my heart. It’s like Adventure Time and a podcast on steroids — creative, immersive, strange, and highly insightful. I just hope more people get to appreciate it, too! I’d understand if you hate the creepy, though.

Yes, that’s blood. Yes, it’s kinda creepy, but still worth our time. (Screenshot from Midnight Gospel’s trailer)

And can I just mention how adorable Clancey is every time he asks people: “Can I interview you for my spacecast?”

We love a character who always asks for consent!

You can start streaming Midnight Gospel at We won’t spoil you with too much details. It’s fun and I loved it!

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2 Replies to “Animated podcasts like ‘Midnight Gospel’ should be a thing and you should watch it”

  1. I’d love to watch/listen to this,kaya lang wala kaming Netflix. Will just visit their FB page to watch yung ilang parts and songs nila. Isa ang theme song and yung mga songs sa mismong palabas sa mga inaabangan ko sa mga palabas =D

  2. The story of this series made me curious. Parang gusto ko sya panoorin kaso walang subscription sa Netflix. 😊
    But I will try my best to watch this Ms.Ces. Thanks for the recommendation of this series. 🙂

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