Here’s where you can take a self-assessment test for COVID-19

With numbers of COVID-19 cases continuously increasing here in the Philippines, it’s not a surprise that our hospitals are already reaching full capacity one by one. Here in Metro Manila alone, it’s quite alarming that medical institutions are calling for donations themselves rather than being provided by the government, so let’s not add to the pressure and stress that doctors and nurses are feeling! Before running to the hospital after experiencing noticing one symptom, you can do a FREE self-assessment first via a website called

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What is it?, a tool created by volunteer Filipino doctors with the help of the Department of Health (DOH) and developers from White Widget, aims to help reduce overcrowding in hospitals and health centers. By taking an online survey, we can check if we really are high-priority patients with COVID-19 symptoms or if we’re just being paranoid over a normal cough. Don’t get me wrong, prevention is better than cure so it’s good that we continue monitoring ourselves if we develop symptoms, but at the moment, there’s just so much strain on medical workers and doing a self-check is the least that we can do to help. Note that it does not diagnose you of COVID-19 and it’s not an alternative for an actual test, though! It just guides you on whether or not you need urgent medical attention.

The questionnaire is based on  DOH’s latest guidelines so rest assured that it’s reliable – unless if you’re an asymptomatic carrier, of course. Either way, it’s best to stay at home, wash our hands, self-monitor, and keep ourselves and our surroundings clean.

If you’re worried about privacy, the self-assessment survey does not require you to submit personal information. I’ve tried it myself and the only thing you need to give away is your age and maybe your nickname or a pseudo name.

Where can we take the self-assessment test?

Visit the website or just click here.

For more details about how the survey works, you can also visit’s FAQs page here or their Twitter page here.

Always remember, to ensure everyone’s safety: Avoid unnecessary close contact with other people – especially the elderly and those with compromised immune systems. If worsening symptoms occur, call the DOH Hotline at (02)892-COVID or (02)892-26843.

Note: While it’s good that we have self-assessment tests created by volunteers, what the Philippines really needs during times like this is MASS TESTING. Continue calling for #MassTestingNow!

Spread the word, not the virus! Stay safe and healthy, everyone.

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