There’s a Turon Cheesecake in Bulacan and we just can’t get enough!

Get your tastebuds ready for one sweet ride! We don’t usually make a separate post for just one dish but this Turon Cheesecake is an exception because it’s just so D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S.

Turon, which is basically lumpiang saging if you ask me, is a popular Filipino snack that is usually sold on the streets together with other Pinoy favorites – banana cue, maruya (banana fritter), and kamote cue. It’s crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside – depending on the size of the banana used for every wrap. Due to its popularity, you can even see this being sold at kiosks inside supermarkets in the Philippines!

If you love the taste of saging na saba (banana), langka (jacfruit), and brown sugar wrapped in a lumpia wrapper (spring roll wrapper), then this Pinoy spin on a classic cheesecake is perfect for you. We’ve been to a lot of restaurants and bakeshops that offer cheesecakes but it’s our first time to see and try one at Cafe Nenzo in Bulacan. For only P145 per slice and P1,350 for a whole cheesecake, you can already enjoy a flavorful bite of this creation.

Cafe Nenzo’s Turon Cheesecake. Available only in Bulacan!


If you know what a turon tastes like, that’s that! Just add plain cheesecake below, merge the taste of the two and you can already imagine the burst of flavors.

Cafe Nenzo’s Turon Cheesecake (P145 per slice).

For those who are not familiar with the turon or the cheesecake, let me try putting our experience into words: The cheesecake, albeit tasting a bit bland because it only tastes like faint cheese and cracker crumbs, is complemented well by the turon bits on top. Unlike typical turon ingredients bundled together, the Turon Cheesecake is topped by lumpia wrapper made crisp separately from the banana and langka bits. The soft cheesecake and crispy-ness of each turon wrapper, capped off with the taste of banana bits, can grab the spotlight from any other type of cheesecake on the menu.

Just a reminder for those who do not like desserts that are too sweet: Some parts can be too much for you and one slice is already more than enough on my personal sweetness meter. This can easily be addressed, though! You can request Cafe Nenzo to whip up one that isn’t too sweet, especially made for your diet.

Turon bits on top of Cafe Nenzo’s Turon Cheesecake.

Cafe Nenzo’s Turon Cheesecake was also named as Inquirer’s Best Dessert in 2018! It’s already 2020, but not a lot of people have been raving about it yet so we thought of sharing the good news. We first tried this in November 2019 and we just can’t stop thinking about it whenever we crave for anything banana-flavored. If only they have a branch in Manila! </3

Café Nenzo is located at the ground floor of Esperanza Mall at McArthur Highway, Meycauayan, Bulacan. They’re open from Monday to Thursday, 11AM-10PM and Friday to Sunday, 10AM-10PM. For delivery and other inquiries, you can also call 0447647989 or 09062332233.

Facade of Cafe Nenzo in Bulacan.

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