Here’s how you can help in the ‘Tulong for Taal’ Donation Drive without leaving your home

Days after Taal’s first eruption on January 12, 2020, it may seem that the volcano is already resting, but the danger remains, according to Phivolcs. While we continue with our busy lives here in Manila, let’s not forget the people who live within the danger zone surrounding Taal. During times like this, they have no one to turn to but their countrymen who can lend a hand. Some of them have lost their homes and livelihood, so any form of help would already mean so much.

Aside from donating goods in kind and volunteering in relief operations, you can also share through donations (as low as P50) via Lazada’s Digital Giving Platform. Here are two of their partners that are actively participating in the Taal donation drive:

  • Caritas Manila, a humanitarian, development and advocacy arm of the Catholic Church in the Philippines are donating supplies such as Food, Clean Water, Sleeping Mats, Hygiene Supplies, Face Masks, and more. Support by donating vouchers ranging from P50 to P1000 to cover these essentials.
  • Pedigree Philippines LazMall store is calling for pet food donations where proceeds will be donated to PETA Asia, an Asia-based animal rights group, to help feed stray animals stranded from the evacuation. Support by donating Pedigree products from P75 to provide 4 meals for 1 animal up to P1,400 to provide 100 meals for animals.

To donate, simply:

The Department of Health (DOH) has also warned the public of potential health risks and conditions when exposed to volcanic ash such as nose and throat irritation, coughing, bronchitis-like illness, discomfort while breathing, eye irritation, and minor skin problems. For those who live near the area and may be affected by future ash fall (in case Taal erupts again), please get the following items ready as early as now. Each has been linked to a specific page where you can buy them (preferably with immediate shipping, if you have time to wait):

  1. Face Masks
  2. First Aid Supplies
  3. Personal Hygiene Supplies
  4. Food Supplies
  5. Protective Wear
  6. Vitamins and Medicines
  7. Portable Devices
  8. Cleaning Equipment
  9. Emergency Accessories
  10. Health Monitor & Other Supplies

We are one with you in this time of need. Please stay safe, everyone.

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