You’ll be the coolest ninong/ninang if you give this Aguinaldo to your inaanaks!

Any tech-savvy millennial ninong/ninang woud probably love this new gift-giving technique that we started doing this year! Imagine being able to help save Mother Earth by not using paper on your gifts – from small envelopes to huge gift wrappers, and at the same time, get cashback for every aguinaldo (Spanish term for “Christmas bonus” in the form of peso bills in envelopes) that you’re giving. Pretty neat, right? There’s just only one pre-requisite for this thing we’d like to call digital aguinaldo: A PayMaya account!

As a mid-20s ninang, my inaanaks have been exposed to the digital world from the moment that they opened their eyes. Some of them would probably be even more “techy” than I am! With all of them having their own mobile phones already, I’m starting to give away my annual aguinaldo digitally via PayMaya so there’s no missing out on gift-giving, no matter how far they are from Manila. That’s a plus for the kiddos because they can now spend a peaceful Christmas day without needing to go far for #blessings, thanks to ninang’s digital aguinaldo!


If this is something you’d like to do as well or if you know someone who may be able to benefit from this idea, here’s how to do it:

1. Make sure that you and your inaanak have PayMaya accounts.

2. Open the PayMaya app and click “Send Money”.

3. Key in your inaanak’s PayMaya mobile number along with the amount of your aguinaldo (another point for the kiddos because the minimum that can be sent is P200!). Don’t forget to add a Christmas message to personalize your gift.

4. Press send and wait for the confirmation message.

5. Wait for the SMS that states your remaining balance and the cashback that you’ve received.


There are a lot of good reasons why I prefer this method now. Let me list some for you!

1. You can get P10 cashback for every P200 digital Aguinaldo. You can get up to P100 cashback, P10 per day. No amount of cashback is too small, especially if it means saving part of your 13th month pay!

2. When you send an accumulated amount of P10,000 (if ever you are a “Ninang ng Bayan”), you’ll earn P100 on top of your initial cashback.

3. All your inaanaks will receive gifts equally, no matter where they are in the Philippines.

4. The receiver will have the freedom to buy whatever he/she wants with the money that you sent via PayMaya. That’s way better than giving something that will just add up to their stash of unused items.

5. Less trash around! Those gift wrappers or envelopes will end up in the dump anyway.

In case you’re not yet familiar with this app, PayMaya is an e-wallet that allows you to shop online and in-stores, transfer money, pay your bills, buy load and other treats, even without a credit card. It can be downloaded for FREE via Google Play or Apple App Store. If you have trust issues when it comes to sending money online, I can assure you that this one’s 100% legitimate. Their service center can also easily be reached via call at (+632) 8845-7788 or email at

For new users, I also have an additional treat for you: You can get P50 for FREE when you use my referral code (CESPAYMAYA) upon signing up. Consider that as my small gift to you this Christmas! To know more about the other offers from PayMaya, visit

Did you like this new digital aguinaldo idea? Let us know by commenting under Manila Millennial’s posts via FacebookTwitter, or Instagram.! You can also check the latest deals and promos from PayMaya by visiting

Happy gift-giving, millennial ninongs and ninangs!

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