Convenience Store Finds: 1-Minute flavored chicken hack

A key to surviving life in the Metro is knowing where to find the most unusual things that can beat the monotony in your daily routine. Take mealtimes for example: Eating the same fried food just gets boring over time, so we thought of sharing this 1-minute flavored chicken hack to keep your tastebuds in the mood to eat!

If you’ve grown tired of the usual fried chicken to-go, you can get a Crunch Time Flavorites shaker bag from 7-Eleven with any Crunch Time meal. Every shaker bag comes with a sachet containing either Soy Garlic, Fiery Glaze, Hot and Spicy, or Creamy Cheesy. It’s easy to prepare and it will take you less than a minute to add flavor to your meal. There are three simple steps:

  1. Drop the chicken inside the bag.
  2. Add powder/ glaze.
  3. Shake the bag to distribute the powder evenly or massage the glaze around the chicken.

All those steps take less than a minute!

All flavors are also budget-friendly. You can go Hot and Spicy or get indulgent with Creamy Cheese for only P10.each, while tangy Soy Garlic and Fiery Glaze can be yours for only P12 each. The new Flavorites are easy to find because there’s a 7-Eleven store in every city here in the Metro. In our area alone, I can visit three stores in a jiffy!

Do take note, though: Flavorites are made for Crunch Time food products so best to use this with your 7-Eleven meal!

We hope this helps! Do you have your own food hacks and tipid tips? Let us know by getting in touch with Manila Millennial on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram! ‘Til our next food adventure! 🙂

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