Level Up: You can now play 80s game Galaga on VR at The Garage!

All you 90s babies may have heard of (or even played) this 1980s arcade/video game that has been such a big hit. Coming all the way from Namco in Japan, Galaga gives players the task to control a spacecraft at the bottom of the screen and shoot a swarm of enemy aliens (with a boss alien) without getting hit! Considering myself lucky that I was still able to play this game on a nearby arcade when I was young, but for those who missed the hype, you’re in luck because The Garage VR Zone at the City of Dreams has recently launched a Virtual Reality (VR) remake of the game called VR Swarm Shooting Galaga Fever!

Galaga Fever

It’s really easy to play. You just need to survive by shooting down block-like aliens from Galaga, avoid laser beams, and beating the Giant Galaga at the end. Of course, VR makes everything so much fun by making it seem like you’re 150 meters above the ground – on an elevator that looks like one of those that they use at construction sites, complete with wind blowing on your face, and a shaking ground in sync with the movements in the game.

Spectators can watch what’s happening in the game through the small screens beside you (left side).

There are three ways to end Galaga Fever – dying when (1) you get hit by a laser beam, (2) when your elevator crashes down after time runs out, or (3) when you successfully beat the Giant Galaga and save the entire town! Due to our combined love for the arcade game, my partner and I were able to win our way through the game – the first in our batch to do so and I am just beaming with pride. Tee-hee! Beat that!

Galaga Fever finisher!

Those who grew up playing first-person shooter games (like me) will definitely love it! However, I wouldn’t recommend it to people who have fear of heights, vertigo, or those who quickly get nauseous. Looking down with the VR goggles on, you’ll really feel like you’re high up the ground! If you’d still like to try for a bit, you can always quit right away by raising both of your hands and letting go of the gun so the staff can quickly assist you.


We’ve already featured the games at The Garage here on Manila Millennial, but upon our return last April 13, we were introduced to not just Galaga Fever, but also to Winged Bicycle. This one can test your leg power, pretty much like what they do in cycling classes. Here, you will be free-flying through mountains and caves in search of the right path to the Sky Kingdom. A staff will be guiding you to the right path but braving the wind is no easy task! A must-try for those who think their leg and core are fit for the test.

Other must-try VR games at the garage are Mario Kart Arcade (racing), Hospital Escape Terror (horror maze), and Ski Rodeo (sports).

Check out more snippets taken during our fun adventure here:

Mario Kart
Winged Bicycle
Ski Rodeo
Hospital Escape Terror

Beware: It’s hard to tell time inside The Garage because time surely flies fast when you’re having fun. We didn’t expect that we’ll be leaving later than we originally planned!

There’s also a new food stall inside. Check out The Chip Shoppe if you’re craving for some seafood and potato goodness!
Fish and dip (and potatoes)!


The ticket booth can be found at the entrance of The Garage.

Ticket prices vary per game and number of players, while single-player ticket price is at P380.

Php 380 – 1 pass to any game

Php 700 – 2-player pass to Galaga Fever

Php 1000 – 3 activities (Mario Kart, Hospital Escape Terror, Ski Rodeo)

Php 1650 – 5 activities (Mario Kart, Hospital Escape Terror, Ski Rodeo, Winged Bicycle, Galaga Fever)

The Garage is open from Sunday to Thursday from 12NN – 11 PM and Friday and Saturday from 12 NN – 12 AM. It’s located at the Upper Ground of City of Dreams, Aseana Avenue cor. Roxas Boulevard, Entertainment City in Parañaque.

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