#TouchOfCare: 8 Simple acts that can mean a lot for other people

Living in a place where it’s automatically assumed that it’s every man for himself, it’s a rare sight to see that there are still active groups who share their time to aid other people without even expecting anything in return. This is exactly why my heart sank after learning that Vicks Philippines’ video entitled Just A Boy is based on a true story. It’s already hard to live with an incurable virus, what more with constantly being reminded that society looks down upon you? We may not know what people around us are going through, so it would mean a lot if we can be more considerate and caring – starting with 8 simple things on this list.

1. Check on your family and friends

Even the happiest and funniest people in the bunch have their own share of concerns. Check on your family and friends if they need anything. Check how they’re doing. Sometimes, they may not be ready to fully share what they’re going through, but this helps them feel that you remember them.

2. Listen

There are times when people come to you for friendly advice, but there are also times when they just need someone who will really listen to them. Never compare what you’ve been through to what they’re going through. Listen to them.

3. Be there during their ups, but most importantly during their lows

It’s true: Your presence can be the best present. No amount of material gift can equate to your time and presence.

4. Share

May it be a simple meal when they’re happy or medicine when they’re sick – every act of kindness may not be remembered in detail but trust us when we say that these moments will forever be etched on their hearts.

5. Remind them that you care…

There are times when words get the message across. Don’t be shy to admit that you care so much for other people!

6. BUT let your actions speak louder than words

A hug when someone’s sad, a helping hand when someone’s having a hard time, or just being there to celebrate successes – all these actions can speak for themselves. Nothing beats acts that constantly remind others that you care!

7. Be more accepting

No matter what age, gender, race, social status, or condition they are in, learn to be accepting. A world without prejudice sounds very far-fetched, but it’s never too late to start. 

8. Have compassion

Put yourself in other people’s shoes. Try to understand what they’re going through. Remember that the toughest battles can easily be fought if there’s a comrade who stands with you.

This has actually been my own practice for the past years. People close to me are going through different things and it’s during these tough times that they need a family. I know friends who are going through depression, family members that fought with cancer, and even people who lost their battle with different diseases. It’s hard to lose someone dear to you, so I make sure to let everyone around me feel how much I care for them every time I can. A touch of care from you can already feel like a warm embrace for other people, especially to those who need it most.

My parents’ touch of care kept me going through the years and I am to pass on that touch of care in every way I can. Vicks has also been a part of our family since I was young. I can still remember how my grandma used this vapor rub as a quick fix for my common woes – from cough to colds! I hope the video was able to spark inspiration in you, just like how it did for us. You can also check Vicks Philippines’ Facebook page for more #TouchOfCare stories and to know how you can help in their initiatives.

Kudos to Vicks and Project Red Ribbon for helping push this advocacy!


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