Get your hearts ready! Jollibee has a new web series directed by Antoinette Jadaone, JP Habac

Antoinette Jadaone has been a name connected with love, heartbreak, and heart-wrenching films for years. If you think she’s done giving you the #feels, then you better see this new series with JP Habac for Jollibee Philippines! From the success of Jollibee Studio’s entertainment offerings comes yet another swoon-worthy web series about true love and perfect pairs, titled “One True Pair”.

From Jollibee Studios’ ‘Checklist’.

Developed by creative agency Publicis Jimenez Basic and produced by Makina Productions, One True Pair raises the bar in branded entertainment in the Philippines through compelling and relatable love stories that will make you crave for more episodes, and definitely more Jollibee Perfect Pairs.

Have a checklist for your perfect pair?

The first episode of this latest Jollibee series, titled “Checklist,” features acclaimed director Habac at the helm. Habac, who made his name with the 2017 indie sensation I’m Drunk, I Love You, brings wit and an affection for the rom-com genre to this episode.

As someone who wants everything organized in her life, I find this relatable. Do you?

“Checklist” tells the story of Anna Lagman (played by Amanda Fernandez), a wedding planner whose perfectionist personality completely clashes with that of Gio Lorenzo (Luis DeGuzman), a seemingly clumsy and carefree young man she often encounters in her clients’ weddings. Gio never left a good impression on Anna, having ruined some of her carefully planned events, and when they are paired to plan his brother’s wedding together, friction arises—and sparks fly—between them.

It’s the perfect set-up for a rom-com, with two characters who seem to be polar opposites but eventually find common ground,” Habac said. “In this case, Anna’s heart softens when she sees how Gio actually makes her better.”

With the titular checklist serving as the episode’s structure, “Checklist” ticks all the boxes for rom-com fans.

Flying high on kilig

Directed by Jadaone, “Fight or Flight” tackles the budding romance between a flight attendant (Joanne Villablanca) and a kind passenger (Paco Villegas) on a flight from Singapore. The story brings to life the realities of long distance relationships and the struggles encountered to make the relationship work.

Jadaone, who certified her status as the country’s premier romance hit-maker with That Thing Called TadhanaRelaks, It’s Just Pag-Ibig, English Only, Please, and On the Wings of Love, returns with her first venture into commercial video with an incredibly relatable story for modern Pinoy couples who have to be separated by oceans as they pursue their dreams.

This episode is a take on how love is a choice,” said Jadaone. “In the credits, we’ve included a line on how you can meet the perfect one for you by chance, but becoming a perfect pair by choice which just emphasizes love and relationships is indeed a choice that you have to make and commit to.”

Apart from the incredible direction of Habac and Jadaone and the beautiful performances of the cast, there are another group of stars in this digital series: Jollibee’s Chickenjoy Perfect Pairs.

At Jollibee, there is truly joy in finding the perfect pair to the country’s best-tasting fried chicken–Chickenjoy. Enjoy a crispylicious, juicylicious, and gravylicious experience with your choice of Jolly Spaghetti, Burger Steak, Jolly Crispy Fries, Macaroni Soup, or Mini Sundae—with prices starting at P95.

Viewers have laughed, cried, and craved Jollibee with Kwentong Jollibee and 14/29: The Petsa de Peligro JolliSerye, and it’s time to take things to the next level with One True Pair,” said Cathleen Capati, Jollibee Flagship Category AVP. “These stories are inspired by real love stories which we believe all Filipinos out there can relate to. So stay tuned for Jollibee’s newest series which will make you want to fall in love again and believe there is a perfect pair for everyone.”

Maiba naman, diba?

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