Beauty Hacks: This organic mineral spray can give an instant facelift in 15 seconds!

It’s hard to believe that products that can give instant effects still exist in the market. As millennials, we’ve grown skeptic of these “holy grails” that give our wishes pronto with a price – usually involving harmful chemicals, but last November 15, we’ve been introduced to an all-organic product that just blew our minds!

The Mist, a popular anti-bacterial organic mineral spray in Thailand, has finally landed in the Philippines and we’re so stoked to get our hands on it because of its multitude of promises aside from an instant facelift that is already noticeable within 15 seconds. We all know how popular V-shaped faces are in Asia! With a collaboration of thorough research and finest ingredients from the hot spring waters of Canada and Korean additives, the product aims to deliver solutions to Filipinos’ common skin problems such as inflammatory acne. It is said to moisturize, exfoliate, and renew cells with continued use and even soothe itchy mosquito bites. Since it’s organic, the product is also proven to be safe even for babies.

The Mist (100ml) bottles

That already sounds like a lot so here’s a quick rundown of The Mist’s uses:

1. Instant facelift and moisturizing effects

Spray, spray, spray away!

To lift sagging parts of the face while moisturizing the skin, you can just simply spray it and leave it on for 15 seconds. After that, just gently pat your face dry with a soft towel. One simple spray could already go a really long way. It has a Nano Mineral essence to soften your skin and give you a better beneficial value. It could efficiently and effectively take away dead skin cells, dirt and bacteria making you feel at ease all the time.

2. Anti-bacterial for rashes and sunburn

The Mist Philippines Executives Mrs. Scheree Wilkie and Mr. JC Lumba demonstrates how safe The Mist is even for babies.

Due to The Mist’s anti-bacterial properties, it can offer relief for rashes, sun burn, and even mosquito bites on any type of skin- including sensitive ones and baby’s skin. The product has also been tested on a baby during the product launch so we’re convinced. It also promises to be the perfect remedy for infected wounds due to obesity and viral skin disease like Herpes Zoster. With continued use, it can also whiten dark circles around the eyes.

3. Setting spray for make-up

Fits well in my bag!

Before and after putting on makeup, just spray The Mist all over your face for 15 seconds. This can give you a refreshed look even though you’ve been partying all night.

4. Easy-to-carry breath spray

The Mist Philippines Executive Mrs. Scheree Wilkie explains the benefits of using The Mist during their press launch in Makati City on November 18, 2018.

With one pump of The Mist in your mouth, it can already act as a breath spray. All thanks to anti-bacterial ingredients!

5. Spray-on deodorant

Grabbing one for a picture-perfect V-face look!

Spray it on your underarm and let it dry. It may feel like normal water hitting your skin but using this all-organic product can also lessen the chances of getting a dark underarm because it doesn’t have harmful chemicals. The anti-bacterial properties of The Mist can easily remove any unwanted smell.

The Mist is already available in the Philippines for P1,900 (100ml), good for more than a month but it can also last on your shelf for more than a year. Orders can be done through their Facebook page, Shopee, and Lazada.

It’s already been a week but we’re loving the effects so far! Would you like to try it? Let us know your thoughts or drop your questions via Manila Millennial’s posts on FacebookTwitterand Instagram. For more details about The Mist, visit:

Facebook: The Mist Philippines

Instagram: @themistphilippines


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