THROWBACK: 5 Reasons why recess time used to be our favorite ‘school subject’

Remember when you or your friends used to write “recess” as your favorite subject in an autograph book (also called slam book)? It’s not really a subject but millennials would know that writing that down was well worth it! As a kid and even now that most from our generation are already grownups, eating has always been a fun few minutes of every day. It’s the only time that we can break away from the pending work (school or office work) that we need to do.

For generations of kids, recess time was, and still is, more than just a time for eating. It is a time for bonding, developing social skills and forging friendships over the shared love for food. Remember those carefree school days? Here are five reasons why snack time made a lasting impact on our childhood, making it our favorite “subject” where we learned important things:

1. It gave us motivation to go to school

Remember how grocery shopping used to be a fun thing to do because you can pick lots of snacks from rows and rows of different options? Those snacks cannot be touched when you’re not in school, though (at least in our house) so I’ve always been looking forward to study just so I can open my delicious baon. There’s always a contest on who has the cutest pack, too!

2. It taught us about barter and sharing

Recess time opens an avenue for snack trade-ins. Not particularly fond of your cheeseburger today? Why not trade it for a Hansel Mocha Sandwich? Of course, you always have the option of sharing your food as testament to life-long friendship. We used to do a half-half trade if we’re not super sure if it’s worth it. Sometimes, it ends up with just a tikim so we’ll know what snacks to ask from mom next time.

3. It encouraged us to experiment

Why enjoy just one Rebisco Sandwich flavor when you can combine two to create your very own chocolate-strawberry special? Recess time helped hone our culinary skills by encouraging us to create new variations of our regular snacks. We can still remember those “biscuit towers” that we used to build!

4. It taught us to value rewards

Remember when you aced a test or won in that school contest and the next day your baon was packed with your favorite chocolate snacks? While our parents always encouraged us to eat healthy, allowing us the occasional sweets taught us the value of giving ourselves a well-deserved treat every now and then. It used to be chocolate heaven for me when I get stars.

5. It made our childhood memorable

Who doesn’t have a memorable experience during recess time? We can still remember the games and mischief that we were up to during recess time. Laughing, playing, and sharing stories over baon are priceless memories that we carry through to the rest of our lives. These memories help form the foundation of our friendships and the values we hold dear.

Speaking of recess, as Rebisco celebrates its 55th anniversary, the homegrown snack giant continues to be a highlight of Filipino kids’ baon—carrying on a legacy of providing delightful treats and opportunities to create precious bonding moments.

To make it easier for moms and dads to pack their school-age kids’ favorite Rebisco snack, Rebisco recently launched Bag-O-Baon—a multi-pack that features an assortment of school-friendly Rebisco products including favorites such as Rebisco Sandwich Strawberry, Fudgee Barr Choco, Combi Triple Choco, Choco Mucho, Topps Sarap Cookie Monster and Vitacubes, among others. The limited Bag-O-Baon bundles are already available in supermarkets so even millennials can easily grab a pack and reminisce the incomparable joys of snack time with family and friends.

What’s your best recess memory? Share it at the official Rebisco Facebook page and don’t forget to tag Manila Millennial on FacebookTwitterand Instagram. Let’s keep in touch so we can update you on the latest treats within the Metro!


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