#APCCPH2018: 15 must-try activities for the ultimate Netflix AsiaPOP Comicon experience

AsiaPOP Comicon Manila is back! Today (July 27, 2018) marks the start of the 3-day gathering of comic book and series-loving fellas from across all generations. We’re not excluding the Baby Boomers this time because they’re part of the awesome team behind our favorite heroes and shows.

You can drop by until July 29 without getting bored at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City (beside Mall of Asia) because each day is jam-packed with fun activities, meet-and-greets, and collectible items up for grabs. There are two whole floors filled with surprises, but here’s a peek at 15 things you shouldn’t miss at the Netflix Hall (Hall N) alone.

1. Watch Josie & The Pussycats while drinking FREE milkshakes

As a comic convention, the Josie & The Pussycats cosplayers at Pop Tate’s diner dressed up just like the characters in the comic books. The inner Archie Comics fan in me was so alive when I saw these girls in cheetah costumes on stage, I can’t help myself but join a la Veronica Lodge (remember one of the episodes on Riverdale?).

Milkshakes are FREE so you can sit down in one of the booths to rest, and maybe take a few photos for that Riverdale realness.

2. Take your own Riverdale yearbook photo

Be a Southside Serpent or a Riverdale jock for your high school yearbook photo. You’ll be able to get a copy by scanning a QR code from a Netflix staff’s device. After this, watch out for your photo as this will be flashed on the huge screen for everyone to see! Congratulations!

3. See what happens when you punch things at the Iron Fist installations

Some are making noises, some are floating, some are lighting up, some are perfect for that social media update! I won’t ruin the fun for you so I won’t tell which is which. Don’t miss these three spots at the entrance of Netflix Chinatown:

4. Choose your side and get a temporary tattoo


Be careful what tattoo you’ll be getting. The Hatchet Gang is watching! You can choose from four designs – a Netflix logo, a dragon, an axe, or a fist. I got the axe so I can join the mafia and suit up for business. It reminds me of the Axe Gang, too!

Don’t be afraid to interact with the characters roaming around the Netflix Hall. I got named “S” by my homies here and got protection and shoutouts every time I pass by their area. Ain’t it fun?

5. Play Galaga at the arcade

We don’t see a lot of legit arcade games nowadays, so take this opportunity to experience it firsthand. There are four games to choose from, but Galaga is a personal favorite. Try to beat the high score for extra bragging rights.

6. Continue the map so we can find Will (and Barb)!

One of my favorites at Hall N is the Stranger Things-inspired wall where you can continue drawing the map of the Upside Down just like Joyce Byers. You have the freedom to be as creative as you want or stick to how it was done in the series. Can I pass as a sub for Joyce now?

I added “MM” markings on my paper so you’ll know that Manila Millennial was there!

7. Are you possessed or not? Open the door to find out

There’s a door at the arcade where you can check if you’re a normal Hawkins student or if you’re possessed like Eleven. If you see the Demogorgon when you open the door, you know what that means – time to head to the Upside Down!

I tried it myself ang guess what, I’m just like Eleven but I’m so proud!

8. Hop on bikes and head to Hawkins

One of last year’s crowd-favorite booths, the four bicycles are back for the ultimate Stranger Things fans. Invite your friends to join you so you won’t be alone in your adventure.

9. Grab a spray paint and paint this town gold

Pose by Marvel’s Luke Cage graffiti wall beside Chinatown. Flaunt your streetwear and grab a can of spray paint for that gangster vibe.

10. Snap a photo at Disenchanted territory

Disenchanted, an upcoming Netflix animated series created by people behind The Simpsons, also had a share of Hall N’s space. If you’re up for misadventure, join this trio and snap a photo as if you’re the fourth member of the gang. You can also check out the trailer played inside the Poison Shop.

11. Contribute to an art installation ft. Netflix show preferences

See how many series you’ve watched and tie a yarn to pledge your love for Netflix shows. I didn’t get anything from doing this, but seeing how many people are watching the same shows as I do made me feel all giddy. Happy vibes all the way!

12. Paint your face a la Aggretsuko and friends

Aggretsuko was the show that I placed under “Favorite Netflix Show” at the art installation mentioned above. If only I didn’t have work this day, I would’ve willingly offered my face as an Aggretsuko face paint canvas.

Look at who we spotted here!

13. Watch trailers of upcoming shows

If you’re feeling lost, just stand in the middle of Pop Tate’s and the arcade. Watch trailers of new Netflix shows like Rilakkuma, Disenchanted, Godzilla, and a lot more. Promise, you’ll be surprised!

14. Take LOTS of photos

Every spot at Hall N is definitely picture-perfect if you’re a hardcore fan. Make your visit memorable by snapping photos everywhere! If you’re alone like me, you can ask the friendly Netflix staff stationed at each booth to take your photo. Don’t forget to be polite, okay? Another option is to make friends with people, take their photos, and ask them to take yours, too!

15. Grab Netflix freebies before leaving!

Luke Cage posters and Netflix ballers are being given away inside Sabrina paper bags. Grab one because this paper bag can also help store your APCC haul while you’re roaming around.

We hope you enjoy your visit as much as the early batch did!

AsiaPOP Comicon will be open to the public from July 27-29, 2018. You can buy tickets at the venue for P650 (one-day pass only).

Thank you to our friends from Netflix who gave Manila Millennial an early access to the booths! It felt like Netflix heaven from every nook and cranny. Don’t forget to follow Manila Millennial on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram for more photos from our visit. For more details about their upcoming shows and AsiaPOP Comicon activities, go to:


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