NEW ON THE MENU: Jollibee’s Bistek Burger Steak gives us a taste of Pinoy ‘lutong bahay’ on the go

Eating fast-food meals are becoming a lunchtime habit for working millennials in the city. We’ve been eating too much of the same thing, that we’ve reached the point of missing the distinct taste of lutong-bahay (homemade) meals like Bistek (beef steak) with savory-sour sauce. Well, a fast-food brand finally heard those woes. Just yesterday (July 23, 2018), we spotted a new Pinoy-favorite addition in Jollibee’s menu – the Bistek Burger Steak!


This twist to the Jollibee classic Burger Steak evokes all the deliciousness of Bistek Tagalog with the beefy goodness of a Burger Steak patty, a generous serving of sauce with just the right sourness, and fried onion toppings. This is served with plain rice for only P55* for a one-piece Solo meal. But of course, these meals are even better than its best self when served with a fizzy Coca-Cola. RIGHT?

A closer look at those onion toppings and Bistek sauce on a juicy patty.

We’re expecting this new menu item to stay there for a long time since it has a unique taste that you’ll be craving for from time to time. Upon checking, the Bistek Burger Steak is already available for dine-in, take-out, delivery, and drive-thru orders in all Jollibee stores nationwide.

This official announcement is also up on their Facebook page in case you need more proof that we’re not joking!

Official social media announcement from Jollibee’s Facebook page.

In case you’re wondering why they added this to the menu, Jollibee’s Marketing Director for Core Products, Mari Aldecoa, explained how it came to be:

Introducing this distinctly Pinoy twist to a classic favorite like Burger Steak is proof of Jollibee’s commitment to continuous product innovations and delivering new flavor profiles aligned with the Filipino palate. Our development team has worked tirelessly to ensure that this new offering packs all the goodness of Bistek, from the 100% beefy-linamnam patty to the savory-sour sauce and onion toppings.”

Off to get some for merienda, because why not?

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*Prices may vary across different locations; delivery charge not included.

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