Yeah or Meh: Getting hair highlights at La Provence-BGC’s ‘Color Bar’

Last May, your Manila Millennial shared a DIY trick on how to get temporary pink hair color via Instagram. However, if you check out our IG Feed and Stories, you’ll notice how we still have traces of pink even until the first week of June – something that should’ve already been completely washed away by now. That’s the main reason why we ended up at La Provence in BGC: To get our hair color back in ship-shape. Is the outcome a yeah or meh? Verdict can be found below.

We’ve heard of La Provence before, but little did we know that it’s closer than what we’ve expected. It’s just a few steps away from Shangri-La, The Fort; The Fort Strip, and High Street! This first ever French café and salon (for both men and women) in Manila offers not just food and hair services, but also facial & massage, semi-permanent makeup, and waxing, to name a few.


Each visit to La Provence starts with a consultation to know your preferred cut and/or color, your budget, how long it will take, and what suits you best. Friendly staff will be greeting you from the entrance and will be referring you to their stylist. Ask all your questions here so you won’t end up with regrets! Their Senior Stylist, George, was the one who assisted me during my visit. We ended up with an agreement to add ash blonde highlights since I only have around three hours left before my next event.


Adding highlights to long strands of hair is a meticulous process. It’s amazing how George and his assistant, Cindy, managed to color everything without excess dye dripping elsewhere. My hair had to be clipped and foiled into parts so the color will only seep through specific strands.

Sitting in front of their Wella Color Bar, I was able to watch how they mixed different dyes and treatments that will be applied onto my hair. It’s like watching a bartender, only with different tools and within a relaxing atmosphere.

After 20 minutes of bleaching, it took an additional 15+ minutes to recoat each partition with ash blonde hues, and more time to blend the color through my pink-infused hair. To strengthen hair fibers, Wellaflex was applied as a finishing coat.

As a finishing touch, my hair was curled so I can appreciate the ash blonde highlights more as the strands added multidimensional effects to my hair which now has an ombre touch of well-blended pink. Their Creative Director, Mehdi, also dropped by to chat with us. A+ for customer engagement!


Thumbs up! (Right) La Provence Senior Stylist George and (Left) his assistant, Cindy, with your Manila Millennial. ♥

Getting highlights from a Senior Stylist would originally cost you P5,000 but since La Provence has a lot of discounts until July 15, you can get this service for 20% off. Your Manila Millennial still has a couple of coupons that can get you 10-50% off on waxing, hair perming, haircut, treatments, facial, and foot spa so just get in touch with us ASAP and we can give it to you when you drop by BGC.

On a personal note, the place is quite pricey but with the quality of pampering and various services that La Provence and their staff provide, we’d say they deserve to be paid with that amount. That, on top of being a French Salon with well-trained staff who participates in exhibitions within the industry. No worries because you’ll get your money’s worth!


Here’s a peek at the interiors of the place. It’s very fancy, bright, and worthy of landing a spot in your Instagram feed:

A private space for those who want to hideaway while getting their hair fixed.

Indoor plants and nice lights add a relaxing vibe to the area.

The place is well lit, perfect for mirror shots while you’re there.


Getting plain highlights for the first time (minus the ombre balayage effect), I ended up wishing that I knew how good it looked like sooner. I would’ve skipped numerous full hair colors then! The ash bonde highlights are more prominent on the top and back of the head and the outcome looks way better when curled or tied up in a bun or ponytail. With this result, getting highlights would definitely be a YEAH from Manila Millennial.

Thinking of getting highlights or a hair color soon? Visit La Provence at the 3rd floor of Central Square, 5th Avenue, Taguig City. For instant updates on our whereabouts and new style finds, follow Manila Millennial on FacebookTwitterand Instagram.

For inquiries and reservations:

(02) 824-0699 or 09178083425

Facebook: La Provence 

Instagram: @laprovenceph


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