[REVIEW] Bye, powerbanks! ASUS Zenfone Max M1 can last days with its 2x Battery Lifespan

Most millennials are connected to the digital world 24/7. Seeing the low battery sign almost always sends us to a frenzy to plug in again, save the digital life we’ve made inside the small screens, and remain reachable for personal purposes (e.g. work, social updates). We know how irritating it can be to continuously be haunted by the low battery sign so after hearing about the Battery King of mobile phones, we just had to check it out!

A few weeks after its official release with the Zenfone 5 series, we were lucky enough to get our hands on the new Zenfone Max M1 from ASUS Philippines. Two weeks after unboxing it last May 8, we’ve come to reach conclusions about both pros and cons of using this 4000mAh-powered phone dubbed as the “Battery King”.

We’ll only be focusing on the features that really struck us, but you can find the complete specs in our previous post: [UNBOXING: ‘Battery King’ Zenfone Max M1]


ZenFone Max M1 carries a 13MP+8MP wide-view dual rear cameras and a 13MP selfie camera

For a 5-inch phone, ZenFone Max M1’s 13MP+8MP wide view dual rear cameras are already okay for outdoor action shots. Its 13MP selfie camera is also great under well-lit places, but may look a bit grainy under lowlight. However, these can be addressed by its Spotlight LED flash.

Wide-view sample

Sample photo taken via Zenfone Max M1: You can see the details and flaws of this mini minion!

Another feature worth noting for selfie lovers would be its SelfieMaster technology that accentuates a user’s facial features. Users can choose from Auto Beautify, Soften Skin, Brighten Skin, Enhance Eyes, and Thin Cheeks that can be adjusted from 0 to 10.


We were able to watch our favorite series in full color!

We’re giving two thumbs up to its full view 18:9 HD+ display within a 5-inch metal-finish body. It’s also very light and compact at just 150g. Even though it’s just the right size for our hands, it doesn’t sacrifice the quality of videos and games that we play on screen.

It’s also super handy and way smaller compared with power banks of the same mAh power!


One of the slight downsides of the Max M1 would be its audio quality. It’s not that bad, but if you’re someone who values music from the vocals, synth, and bass, playing songs on full blast via the phone’s speakers wouldn’t be advisable. It sounds quite better when used with earphones, though.


Zenfone Max M1 boasts of up to 41 days of standby time and enough power to support our multi-tasking lifestyle. While listening to music on full blast, we can keep other apps running in the background for an entire day. Of course, this doesn’t mean we should abuse its battery life! However, if the need arises, rest assured that the longevity and safety of the battery is covered by ASUS’ exclusive PowerMaster that comes with the newest Battery Care features that provide 2X Battery Lifespan.

Battery Care feature: The PowerMaster™, a built-in ZenFone Max exclusive that allows users to maximize their battery experience.

Battery Care: Embedded inside the PowerMaster app, the Battery Care adds more options that can help further extend the ZenFone Max M1’s battery’s lifespan. One of the unique things about this exclusive feature is its ability to determine whether the battery is doing Good, Fair, or whether it Needs attention – this will notify the user whether their recent charging habits have an impact on the lifespan of the battery. This is great for determining the needed steps to prevent the battery from deteriorating.

Scheduled Charging: We also noticed that the Max M1 automatically adjusts the charging rate according to the user’s habits. This helps lessens the stress on the battery and ensures its long life by patterning the charge after the user’s lifestyle. This is perfect for those who are afraid of overcharging their phones while sleeping at night.


Perfect for non-stop social media use. Don’t forget to follow us @hello_ces on Instagram!

ZenFone Max M1 is already available nationwide for just P8,995. It’s definitely worth considering vis-à-vis other phones within the price range. Best for those who make use of phones mostly for calls, SMS, and social media apps.

Overall, Max M1 is recommendable for those who are always on the go, constantly on-call, and are prone to leaving their powerbanks behind. Personally, Zenfone Max M1 would fit perfectly as a work phone so you’ll never have to miss another call from your boss just because you ended up with a dead battery while working outside the office! Battery life would be its main specialty, while the rest of the features range from good to average.


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