‘Lazy bear’ Rilakkuma set to redefine what ‘Netflix and chill’ means

It’s official! Netflix has finally unveiled the teaser trailer and art for a new original series called Rilakkuma and Kaoru. This will be the first stop-motion animated series to enter Netflix in the spring of 2019.

Similar to millennial-favorite Aggretsuko, which has received a warm welcome from fans, Rilakkuma and friends are also part of Japan’s most beloved characters. Unlike our office girl (more like red panda) who’s aggressively coping with her daily struggles, Rilakkuma takes on a mysterious and chill vibe. In fact, Rilakkuma means “bear in a relaxed mood” – perfect for the lazy bunch!

Created by San-X, Rilakkuma —a bear with a zipper on its back that spends each day just lazing around. Netflix has teamed with dwarf, Japan’s leading stop motion animation studio, to bring the franchise to life in stop motion for the first time. The key art reveals a first look at Kaoru—Rilakkuma’s human roommate—walking alongside Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma (a small white bear cub), and Kiiroitori (Kaoru’s pet bird).

(Photo courtesy of Netflix PH)

The series follows Rilakumma’s adventures as he turns up to live with Kaoru, a seemingly ordinary young woman. Besides Rilakkuma, Kaoru also lives with Korilakkuma and Kiiroitori, and they have adorable, surreal, and amazing adventures together.

Rilakumma and Kaoru will be directed by Masahito Kobayashi (Dwarf), written by Naoko Ogigami, and designed by Aki Kondo. Visit netflix.com/rilakkumaandkaoru from time to time!

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