This camp-themed resto will be your next go-to place for curry cravings

Pack your bags and head over to this newest source of curry craze in town. CAMP Curry at Ayala Triangle Gardens in Makati City does not only have one curry dish, but three types of curry sauce that you can mix and match with different meals and toppings!

Originating in Japan, CAMP Curry started as a small shop at an alley in Yoyogi, Tokyo in 2007. Headed by Takashi Sato, the restaurant became well-known for its vegetable dishes and healthy menu line up. This helped them gain followers and regular guests who, by appreciating the live cooking, helped strengthen the business and inspired Sato to open more branches even outside Japan.

Their most popular dish is a fully-loaded vegetable curry with 12 different kinds of seasonal vegetables. Each are cooked fresh upon order even until now.

Your Manila Millennial recently paid a visit to the CAMP to see what the curry hype is all about. Their spot at Ayala Triangle has two floors – the first floor where the live cooking happens, and a small spot at the second floor for private gatherings. They also have tables and seats outside, but we highly recommend you to go inside for you to see how chefs cook meals.

Facade of CAMP Curry at Ayala Triangle Gardens, Makati City.

First floor, where chefs prepare meals in front of everybody. It’s like watching a live cooking show!

Keep your eyes glued on the grill for mouthwatering goodness!

Area going to the second floor, usually reserved for intimate gatherings.

Everything on their menu looks good and so far, everything we’ve tried was worth every peso. You can start your camping experience with soup to warm your tummies. They have Homemade Bisque (P110) and Onion Soup (P80) for starters, but you may also opt for lighter side dishes for sharing like Seasonal Pickled Vegetables, Nachos, or Creamy mashed Potatoes.

Specialty dishes are paired with three different curry choices – the best-selling Tokyo original brown keema curry, green vegeful curry, and a Manila special red bisque curry. If you’re not sure which curry goes where, the CAMP Master has top recommendations which include the BBQ Pork Belly & Brown Keema Curry, BBQ Beef & Green Vegeful Curry, BBQ Chicken & Brown Keema Curry, BBQ Shrimp & Red Bisque Curry, and their specialty – Fully Loaded Vegetables & Green Vegeful Curry.

BBQ Shrimp, best paired with Red Bisque Curry (P420), but you can mix and match as well.

On the table, you’ll see Brown Keema Curry – a Tokyo-original curry base with minced chicken, Green Vegeful Curry – pure veggies with a hint of wasabi, and Red Bisque Curry – a Manila special with seafood base.

BBQ Chicken + your choice of curry (P290): Smoked chicken finished on the grill, drizzled with CAMP Curry’s special signature BBQ sauce, paired with chunky vegetables and any curry base.

Look at that Brown Keema Curry boil up close!

BBQ Pork Belly & Brown Keema Curry (P330): Flame-grilled meaty pork belly with special BBQ sauce, paired with chunky vegetables, and served with brown keema curry.

Aside from curry, diners can also order grilled food like BBQ Pork Belly, Chicken, Beef, Shrimp, or a combo of everything with mashed potatoes. These dishes range from P210-499 per order. Pair these with drinks such as Coca-Cola products, beer, Sapporo, and Lassi – a traditional yogurt-based drink with a fruit. Try the one with mangoes!

BBQ Beef and Mashed Potatoes (P310). Utensils at the camp also represent a shovel and a fork for farming!

To complete the camping experience, there are three types of desserts that are still in line with the restaurant’s theme: Fruit Salad, S’mores, and French Toast.

CAMP’s S’more Special (P180): Toasted marshmallows on a layer of graham biscuits with chocolate syrup. Topped with matcha ice cream!

Fresh Fruit Salad (P190): Pretty self-explanatory!

CAMP’s French Toast (P190): Slices of milk-infused French bread in a rich egg batter, toasted, dashed with cinnamon mix, and topped with vanilla ice cream.

Everything’s definitely a must-try if you’re a curry fan. It’s perfect for chill gatherings with family and friends. Nothing too fancy, but the ambiance is creative enough to keep you awake while eating. After your visit at CAMP Curry, walk around Ayala Triangle Gardens and let all those camping vibes sink in!

The interior of the restaurant is filled with camping essentials from canisters to lamps, bags, and posters about the great outdoors. Something you can talk about while munching on your curry-fic meals!

Every nook and cranny is filled with camping goodies.

Take note of the location: CAMP Curry, Ayala Triangle Gardens, Paseo De Roxas Street cor. Makati Ave cor. Ayala Ave, Makati City. It’s right beside a coffee shop inside the gardens. Take your mom and dad here on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day and reminisce how they used to take you to camps when you were still a kid!

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