Hassle-free DIY Vanity Mirror using LED strip lights

Having your own vanity mirror can be really helpful, especially during days when you need to check the look of your makeup thoroughly. It can also be used as a substitute for selfie lights or ring lights. However, buying a big one from the market will usually cost us thousands, so we improvised using TCL LED Lighting’s LED strip lights in RGB colors.

The strip lights are covered in a transparent gel-like coating that cannot easily be removed. It also comes with an adhesive tape below so you can proceed with sticking it anywhere you want to. Since we wanted to re-use the lights, we opted not to cut the 5-meter roll since the excess parts can easily be hidden behind our mirror. Our mirror is big enough to see half of our body so one roll is more than enough.

To create your DIY vanity mirror, you just need to follow 3 simple steps:

1. Gather all your materials

(Shiba pillow not included, of course!)

Use your bedroom mirror or buy one from the mall. If you want cheaper options, these are available for more or less P500 at shops within Divisoria, Quiapo, or Binondo area. Prepare scissors and a double-sided tape if you want to ensure that your lights won’t fall off from your mirror’s frame. Buy a roll of LED strip lights from legitimate sellers to ensure your safety since these items are prone to overheat. We recommend you to check out TCL LED Lights at:

2. Decide on how you want to design the corners of your mirror

We bended the strips at the corners of the frame to make things less complicated.

There are actually two ways on how to do it: Fold the edges for a hassle-free process OR cut the strips and connect them back together using electrical wires at the four corners of the frame. We opted to go for the former since it’s super easy.

If you don’t want excess strips sticking out, you can already measure how much you’ll be using and cut away the extra lights from the end of the strip, farthest from plug.

3. Stick away

We used additional double-sided tape for this just to make sure that it sticks!

Even though the LED strip lights already come with an adhesive tape at the bottom area, we added strips of double-sided tape at the mirror’s frame to make sure that it won’t fall off. Make sure to press it firmly onto the frame, especially at the corners.

Hide the excess strips if you want to follow our process, but you can also cut it prior to sticking, as mentioned in the second step.


Finished product

Really love how it can help you spot the areas of your face that needs a bit of highlight.

Why spend so much when you can re-use a mirror that you have at home and get LED strip lights for only P2,000 – which you can also use for other things such as:

A night light for your room

Strip lights were placed behind the headboard to create a soft glow that can light up your room. You can also use this at the sides of your bed for extra aesthetics.

A ring light

Just stick it around a white circular frame that’s a bit concave. We’ll try to make a sample for you in case we find more time (and more lights!)

Photos with light trail effects

More photos and a quick tutorial coming up within the month!

Christmas lights, when set to flash setting!

(Pretty sure you can already imagine this one.)

These are just some of the uses of LED strip lights in RGB colors. We had way too much fun and we can’t wait to share how we also came up with the light trail photos. For instant updates and a peek at our latest projects, don’t forget to follow Manila Millennial on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram. For details about TCL LED Lighting and their DIY-friendly products, visit:

TCL LED Lights


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Manila Millennial and TCL LED Lighting are giving away a mirror and one roll of LED strip lights in warm white color (adapter included) so you can create your own vanity mirror! To enter the giveaway, follow us on Facebook, like our Facebook post featuring our DIY vanity mirror, share the post, tag two friends in the comments sections, and like TCL LED Lights’ Facebook page. You’ll get the chance to win these items in just 5 easy steps! Doing the same on Instagram will give you two entries to the giveaway. Start sharing now because we’ll be choosing the winner via randomizer on April 30, 2018! Good luck, famillennials. ♥

*Terms and Conditions apply. Setup for the Strip Lights’ Adapter not yet included.

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