#SendASurprise: Which of these classic bouquets best suit your special someone?

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! You know what that means – more people looking for simple things that can make their loved ones smile. In case you’re still preparing your gifts for your special someone – may it be your girlfriend, boyfriend, mom, sister, teacher, or mentor, here are some items you can check out before you #SendASurprise:


For the perpetually hungry

Ferrero bouquet + flowers (Photo courtesy of Jeremie’s Flower & Gift Shop)

All their favorite chocolate bars + flowers (Photo courtesy of Jeremie’s Flower & Gift Shop)

Is your significant other always bugging you for food and sweets? Give them a treat by tossing in their favorite chocolates and candy bars together with some flowers. Add a small stuffed toy as a keepsake, maybe?

For the old-school sweetheart

Roses in their favorite color + other flowers they like (Photo courtesy of Jeremie’s Flower & Gift Shop)

Grab one for your special someone who believes that roses and handwritten letters are a classic pairing that will never go out of style. Make sure that your letter isn’t from a generic Google-able template, though!

For the kids-at-heart

Stuffed toys can be customized! (Photo courtesy of Jeremie’s Flower & Gift Shop)

Pretty sure you know what can make the love of your life feel like a kid again! If they love cartoon characters or plushies more than anything else, this customizable bouquet is for you.

For the one who loves the stars

Stargazer Lilies (Photo courtesy of Jeremie’s Flower & Gift Shop)

Stargazing on the 14th of February? These Stargazer Lilies can make the night more memorable. You may not have reached the stars yet for him/her, but this is one small step towards that. ♥

For the one looking for a ‘forever’

Preserved rose in full bloom (Photo courtesy of Jeremie’s Flower & Gift Shop)

Some people don’t like receiving flowers because they’ll just wither after some time. Instead of a bouquet, why not give something a laBeauty and the Beast’? A perfectly preserved rose can serve as a reminder of your long-lasting love.

For the one who brightens up your day

Sunflowers ♥ (Photo courtesy of Jeremie’s Flower & Gift Shop)

Sunny, cheerful, and bright – if these remind you of your special someone, better grab Sunflowers this Valentine’s Day! Sunflowers brighten up as they follow the sun. Brighten up someone’s day by giving them this bouquet. ♥

For the one who loves grand surprises

Flowers + cake + balloons for a grand surprise (Photo courtesy of Jeremie’s Flower & Gift Shop)

Because every moment spent with them gives you a reason to celebrate, add up all the cute festive items that make up a mini party – balloons, a bouquet, and their favorite cake!

For the one who likes opening gifts

Surprise in a heart-shaped box! (Photo courtesy of Jeremie’s Flower & Gift Shop)

Opening gifts isn’t something solely for Christmas and birthday parties. Extend the celebration to Valentine’s Day and put all your gifts in a heart-shaped box to make it fit the month’s theme.


Jeremie’s Flower & Gift Shop offers all the bouquets above. It’s an online shop which creates personalized gifts that go beyond Valentine’s Day. Not only do they carefully prepare each order, they also make sure that you’re getting your money’s worth! Ran by millennials, the owners are fueled by their desire to connect people with their loved ones – no matter how far the distance.

Payments can be made through BDO, Cebuana Lhuillier, Western Union, LBC, or PayPal. They’re easy to talk to and they’re online on Facebook 24/7.


Items are affordable and you’ll surely get the bang for your buck, given that they also deliver items and customize each bouquet according to your wish. Requests are welcome – may it be extra balloons, stuffed toys, food, dedications, or whatever you can think of! They can arrange your surprise for you in case you won’t be physically present at the occasion. Jeremie’s Flower & Gift Shop is also the place to go if you want to send gifts anonymously to your crush!

They also have an ongoing Valentine’s Day giveaway in case you’re running on a tight budget. Visit our Facebook post for more details.


Price will depend on what type of flowers and items you’d like to send to your special someone. Floral bouquets are usually priced at P1000 and above. What’s great about this flower and gift shop is that they are very flexible when it comes to their customers’ dream gifts. You just need to send them a message on Facebook to get a quotation or they can also work around with the budget you have.


Yes! Deliveries within Metro Manila are free of charge. These millennial entrepreneurs are so dedicated to their craft, to the point that they personally deliver each order. They can even surprise your special someone at 12 midnight on your behalf in case you’re in a long-distance relationship.


They have all the business permits you need, plus the store is ran by a lovely millennial couple – Jio and Vic, who are already used to creating surprises for each other and for their parents. Jio grew up surprising her mom on behalf of her dad; thus, perfecting the art of coming up with creative gift combinations as the years go by. Tried and tested!

Jeremie’s Flower & Gift Shop

Facebook: Jeremie’s Flower & Gift Shop 

Mobile: 0915-1110672 or 0932-8563263 or 0919-6070179


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