5 simple ways to spice up Valentine’s Day from ‘Angkas PadaLove’

Valentine’s Day is not just about giving material things to the people you love, but rather the thought of making them feel special in the sincerest ways possible. As we come closer to this highly commercialized occasion, it is your chance to do something unique and make this year memorable for your loved ones.

After saving Manila millennials from getting stuck in traffic during crazy weekday mornings, motorcycle ride service Angkas is now back to help people send their items to a specific location ASAP via roadside delivery service Angkas Padala. We’re guessing they know how much we miss their friendly riders, so they’re back to assist all the love-struck millennials this Month of Love. This February, they’re not just delivering gifts. They also have a few tips on how to spice up the 14th of February:

  1. The way to the heart is through his/her stomach

A simple dinner at home will do.

It has been said that the way to someone’s heart is through his/her stomach. Start revealing your cooking skills and create your loved one’s favorite dish. Coming home to food you personally prepare will not only lessen their weariness from work, but also save you on expenses from eating out.

  1. Write it down

Who said girls didn’t like love letters???

It is never too old-fashioned to write them a letter. Put all the words you want to say from the heart in a piece of paper and it will definitely leave them smiling throughout the day. Add some creativity to your letter like a poem, a hand-painted rose, or inserting a picture of you together.

  1. Don’t just buy, create it

Put your heart in everything you do. ♥

Valentine’s Day is a day for you to be creative! Buying a present might make your beloved happy, but crafting something personalized will surely delight them. Create a scrapbook of your travels together, or get inspiration online for thousands of do-it-yourself gift ideas.

  1. Plan a getaway

Maybe take him/her to his/her dream destination?

After all the busy days at work, it’s best to plan a getaway. Have a staycation in a nice hotel or go to a place away from the metro. Visit a tourist destination or a museum, or go hiking together and explore an adventure that you are both interested in.

  1. Surprising someone is never boring

Imagine your loved one’s face as they go out the door and get to see a bouquet of roses, a box of chocolates, or a stuffed toy. Cliché as it may seem, a Valentine’s Day surprise would always make someone feel loved.

Go download it now and surprise someone this month. ♥

For an extra hand on your da moves, Angkas Padala has got your back. Have your presents delivered for an ultimate surprise, because love will always find a way to make someone know they are special.

Angkas Padala is a roadside delivery service in which you can also track if the gift has been received. Base fare starts from P50 within Metro Manila. Delivery is made on the same day. A call from Angkas Padala rider that there is a package for them will surely make their day.

Join the Vikings giveaway A-S-A-P! Details below. (Photo from Angkas’ Twitter page)

PLUS: Doing so will get you the chance to be one of the lucky winners of a Vikings dinner date for two! (Now, that’s a tipid tip.) According to their social media post, all you need to do is:

  1. Post or Tweet a selfie of your sweetest padala with your Angkas biker.
  2. Use the hashtag #AngkasPadalove to validate your entry.

It may sound old-fashioned, but some people do love getting surprises on Valentine’s Day. If the tips above don’t work and you prefer to buy something, maybe at least buy flowers directly from those who grow ’em and support items that have been locally made. There are a lot of creative gifts to explore. Wishing everyone a lovely February ahead! ♥

For more information:

Download the Angkas Padala app via Google Play Store or App Store

Facebook: Angkas PH 

Twitter: @angkas

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