Instant OOTDs: Send wishes to a Style Genie, receive outfits from celebrity stylists

Nothing beats the feeling of getting surprised with something that you never knew you wanted – something that has long been at the back of your mind, but you never had the chance to see in store racks or online catalogues; something you saw somewhere but you weren’t able to buy; something you’ll probably purchase if only you had enough shopping time. This is probably why “Surprise Me” boxes are a huge hit for millennials. It’s like making a random generic wish and leaving it to your genie to grant your dreams.

It’s practically the same approach that Style Genie, the first styling subscription box in the Philippines, has when it comes to curating their packages. To solve the woes of ladies who usually (if not always) complain about not knowing what to wear, these genies brought the magic online to help everyone experience the convenience of having an expert stylist and personal shopper in one. Don’t worry about the price, though. The quality and design of the outfits they send are a bang for your buck.

Yes, the box looks huge. It’s bigger than a normal shoebox so more than 3 pieces of clothing can fit in!

How can you try?

It’s as easy as rubbing a magic lamp. Just go to their website at, create a profile, choose a box, settle payments, and wait for 3-5 days for orders within the Metro.

How do they do it?

There’s a new featured stylist every month who reviews the Style Profile that you’ve submitted to your genie. They’ll take a look at your preferences, measurements, OOTD pegs, and even Instagram feed to check out which outfits will look good on you. These stylists have already worked with celebrities and models on the runway, so you’re definitely in good hands. Every box also comes in with a personalized note for you. So sweet! ♥

The note is placed inside the box, together with a discount code for your next purchase.

Are the clothes similar to what you see in online shops?

There are similarities, but the quality is definitely okay (or even better). The fabric of the emerald green jumpsuit I received is so nice, I can’t believe that it’s something that can be bought at the price I paid. My second box has a baby pink chiffon dress that I have yet to fit, but I’m pretty sure it will look amazing!

Every clothing comes with a tag. Don’t remove it right away! This is important if ever you’ll be returning the piece.

How much, sis?

A Surprise-Me box will cost you P899 to P1,499, depending on what kind of outfit you’re looking for. They have different boxes for different occasions – girls’ night out, corporate meetings, date night, casual walks, etc. They also have different subscription boxes, which I was able to try for 3 months. These will cost you from P999 to P3,999 depending on how many clothes you want to receive.

Style Genie has giveaways and limited edition boxes from time to time. Here are some brow products I received together with my September box. Follow their Facebook page for more magic!

Ready to go. ♥

The verdict

These Surprise-Me Express boxes are something you can get addicted to (in a good way). I swear, the first two boxes got me hooked and the surprise factor just makes everything more exciting! Plus, Style Genie is so generous, they even send discount codes with every box. If ever they make a mistake, you can still return the piece and request for a different item or size.

I wouldn’t have known that emerald green looks good on me if it weren’t for Style Genie’s September stylist. The outfit is perfect for days when I need to go to the office and rush to an event. No need to worry about fashion dilemmas anymore.

This is my first time to get styled by someone who works in the fashion industry and it’s been an awesome first on my list! We’re giving Style Genie two thumbs up for that.


UPDATE: Sharing discounts codes for all my loyal readers! Use CESFORSG before checking out to get 10% off on every purchase.

Grant your closet wishes by visiting:

Facebook: Style Genie

Instagram: @stylegenieofficial

Twitter: @stylegenieph

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