8 Reasons why Chiebog Food Park will be your next favorite hangout spot

May you be a “foodie” in the North, East, South, or West, there will surely be a food park nearby that is waiting to be explored. 2017 became the year of the food parks – each with a unique setup that entices millennials to dine-in and stick around for a little bit longer. However, out of all the food parks that we’ve been to, there’s something about this new North destination that is very close to our hearts – a retro vibe!

Yes, 90s babies. Chiebog Food Park will be your next go-to place if you’d like to go back to the good old days with arcades, neon lights, pop art, and yummy food. The façade even has a giant Rubik’s Cube which lights up at night. Definitely a sight to see.

If these are not yet enough to convince you to drop by, here are eight more reasons and photos to make you change your mind:

1. It’s not just a food park – it’s a retro arcade food park!

Where else can you find a food park that screams nostalgia everywhere? The fully functional arcade machines, colorful walls, 8-bit graphics, and neon lights of the place make dining more enjoyable. Every nook and cranny can give you a new topic if you need something to talk about with your friends (or special someone).

Pacman? Street Fighter? What are you up to?

We really loved this design!

2. They’re generous when it comes to BEER.

You know what that means: More booze for your beer-loving friends. You can get seven instead of six bottles on all beer buckets from 11 PM onwards on any day that you want. Just remember not to get too drunk!


3. It’s spacious, you can bring your entire family and barkada with you.

This food park has a second floor if you want a better view of the surrounding streets. No need to worry about finding a seat!

More floors, more fun!

4. You can chibog on (clean) street food!

Yup, there’s isaw, barbecue, and other ihaw food that will not make your tummy feel weird. My stomach’s quite sensitive and I can attest that this is a go-go.

Don’t you fear, Mang Larry is here! Yup, the same one you can spot at UP.

5. #ChiebogTime Sessions are a must-watch.

The fun-loving owners make sure to invite singers, live bands, rappers, you name it! Music makes the world go round… and your eating experience more enjoyable. This happens everyday! You can check the schedule on their social media pages for more details.

The Chongkey’s opened the month of September. We told you, this is a nostalgic place.

6. They know how to adjust to our schedule.

After work or after school, go straight to Chiebog! We bet you’re hungry after all the morning shenanigans. Chiebog Food Park opens at 4 pm in order to adjust to their customers’ busy schedule. You can hang out here ‘til the morning comes. They’re open until 1 am from Monday to Thursday and until 3 am every Friday and Saturday.

Gotta love the night life!

7. This food park is true to its name.

“Chibog” or “bogchi” is a Pinoy slang for “to eat”. Chiebog Food Park has a lot of food choices other than the street food we’ve just mentioned. They have a growing list of concessionaires which you can check out in their Facebook album.

Wrapped Mediterranean-Mexican’s Nacho Supreme, perfect with an ice-cold beer. ♥

8. Very accessible to millennials of the Metro.

It’s located at the corner of Bristol and Bronson Street in Greater Lagro, Fairview, Quezon City. Look for Block 55, Lot 1 if you want a specific location. Pretty easy to navigate via Waze as well.

That’s all for now. Watch out for our Chiebog Food Park adventure soon. Want us to tour you around or review a specific offer? Leave a comment and let’s see what we can do. 😉

Chiebog Food Park

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chiebogfoodpark/ 

Instagram: @chiebogfoodpark

Twitter: @ChiebogFoodPark

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