Road to ash blonde: How I got rid of brassy hues without spending too much

Two months ago, I published a story about the tedious coloring process that my hair went through just to reach the ash blonde stage. It’s been quite a while and as my stylist previously warned, my hair needs purple shampoo and a lot of conditioning in order to smoothly go through the transition phase from gray-ish mermaid hair hues to a lighter blonde-and-choco-colored ‘do.

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Given that I absolutely have no idea how the color will work its way through the strands, I’ve remained mum until I’m 100% sure that it’s already done with the color transformation. Thanks to Beach Born’s products, I’ve finally mustered enough courage to assure myself (and our millennial readers) that the ash blonde hues are now out and can stay intact. Their purple shampoo and conditioner became my best buds since the second month of my hair care journey!

During the first month of donning a new color, lurking in online shops and hair care sections of different stores became a habit. I’ve also switched from one sulfate-free shampoo to another and made a list of purple shampoos I can order locally. However, the first few didn’t seem to work well and they cost way too much. In case you’ve been through or if you’re currently going through a hunt for the best and most affordable purple products for your colored hair, here’s a review that might help your next purchase:

Classy Not Brassy Sulfate-Free Purple Shampoo

BEACH BORN’s Classy Not Brassy Sulfate-free Purple Shampoo in 250ml. (Photo taken via OPPO A57)

True to its name, Beach Born’s purple shampoo helps eliminate the brassy colors and neutralizes yellow-orange hues in each hair strand. What I love about this is that it has all-natural ingredients (VCO, tea tree oil, lavender essential oils, and pro-vitamin B5) that keeps your hair healthy without making you go over your budget.

It also has a mild minty scent which comes from the essential oils. However, don’t expect this product to work like the commercial shampoos that produce a lot of bubbles. Washing out Classy Not Brassy will make your hair feel a bit stiff at first, so best to use conditioner after.

Classy Not Brassy is the Philippines’ first all-natural sulfate-free purple shampoo. Support local! ♥

Classy Not Brassy Sulfate-Free Purple Conditioner

BEACH BORN’s Classy Not Brassy Sulfate-free Purple Conditioner in 250ml. (Photo taken via OPPO A57)

Similar to the purple shampoo, Classy Not Brassy Purple Conditioner also helps get rid of orange tones on any hair color. It’s made out of essential oils, natural waxes, cetyl alcohol, ceteareth, distilled water, and phenoxyethanol which helps moisturize your hair. Best to use this if you’ve bleached your locks or if you’re rocking gray tones. Scent is also very mild and it doesn’t leave behind unwanted residue. I use this daily to help untangle my hair.

Look at its consistency and color! ♥

If you want to see if it will work good on you, I suggest that you purchase the 100ml bottle (P198) first before grabbing the 250ml one (P350). Worth trying!

Beach Born Sea Salt Spray

BEACH BORN’s Sea Salt Spray in 100ml. (Photo taken via OPPO A57)

I’ve tried Beach Born’s Sea Salt Spray early this year – months before I got my new hair color. This helped me achieve wavy locks minus the use of a curling iron. Just a few spritz before tying my hair into a bun or braid is enough to create loose waves that can last an entire day. It looks so natural to the point that some of my co-workers thought that my wavy look is a permanent fix. Sea Salt also helps keep fly-away strands in place whenever I straighten my hair and also adds volume when I go for a tousled look.

The only downside of using Sea Salt for me is the sticky feeling that it leaves on your hair. This can easily be removed with water and a few minutes of continuous brushing. Still love it, though!

Here’s my hair’s current ash blonde state with choco-colored undertones, just in case you’re wondering. Go to Instagram (@hello_ces) if you want to see the full look.


Each order comes with an additional P69 delivery fee for those who live within the Metro. I usually receive my orders within 1-2 working days, so I strongly suggest that you purchase everything you need in one go to save money and time. The team is also very responsive via email and social media. Before you send your order, you can opt to enable notifications via Facebook so you can get instant updates about the shipment. Really quick and easy.

If you need more details about their products, just visit their website and social media pages!

Beach Born

Instagram: @beachbornph


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