Throwback: Here’s my attempt at putting on makeup in less than 10 minutes

As much as we all want to look pretty and flawless through the use of various makeup tools popping out here and there, let’s face the truth — not everyone is #blessed in blending, contouring, highlighting, and what have you. Picking up makeup brushes is almost similar to choosing which brush and paint to use on your next masterpiece that should be Instagram-worthy. However, not everyone has enough time to paint a picture-perfect art on their faces everyday. That’s why the video I’m about to share came to life.

Being an average millennial who doesn’t know what she’s doing with pretty much everything, I accepted the challenge of doing a makeup tutorial under 10 minutes, early January 2016. This is like a throwback of what I used to do together with MB Life team. (I hope they don’t mind me sharing this. Views still go to their channel. Hello, team!) 

Summed up in two minutes, we only focused on a few steps with the following things in our kikay kit: moisturizer, concealer, face powder, eyebrow powder, contour palette, brush, eye liner, lip liner, lipstick.

In case you need recommendations: Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream, NYX Concealer in Light, Fashion 21 Two-Way Cake, NYX Conceal/Correct/Contour Palette, Catrice Eyeliner, BYS Lipstick in Vamp.

(Screenshot from MB Life's video)

(Screenshot from MB Life’s video)

Stumbled upon a screenshot with a link to this video while browsing my Facebook photo album. Might as well let this be my first entry under the Beauty/Style category. This is me every morning — rushing everything to look “presentable” before I go say hello to the corporate side of life. Pretty sure that my co-sleepyheads can relate! Check my step-by-step article on this at Lots of cool stories there!

I believe I have a lot to learn about makeup. Maybe I’ll work on another “tutorial” should my skills level up. Haha!

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