The rise of Colourette Cosmetics: Empowering Filipinas one shade at a time

Finding makeup shades that perfectly match morena (Filipina) skin tones has always been a challenge. The idolization of Korean and Western beauty trends has often overshadowed the unique needs of Filipinas — from flattering makeup shades to products that withstand long commutes in the tropical heat. Thankfully, brands like Colourette are changing the narrative by prioritizing Filipina needs, offering shades that enhance natural beauty and formulas designed to last.

Colourette Cosmetics, a female-led beauty brand, has made waves in the local beauty scene with its commitment to inclusivity and community. The #ColouretteBeautyBreakthrough campaign showcases how localization has empowered Filipinas through beauty, leading to their latest milestone: securing regional funding to further innovate and introduce more products.

The Story Behind Colourette’s Beauty Breakthrough

Nina Ellaine Dizon, the founder and CEO of Colourette, always dreamed of creating a makeup brand specifically for Filipinos. Her entrepreneurial journey began in her teenage years, selling song lyric pages, Pokémon cards, and even soaps and facial sets. Many of us who struggled with finances while growing up would be able to relate!

Despite financial constraints leading her to drop out of college, her grit and determination led her to found Colourette in 2015. Her primary goal has always been to ensure Filipinos see themselves in beauty campaigns and feel confident enough to say, “I can be that girl. Kamukha ko siya! I can be part of campaigns too.”

CEO Nina Dizon shares Colourette’s journey from its humble beginnings to being a trailblazer in the local beauty scene. (Photo courtesy of Colourette Cosmetics)

This inspiration led to the creation of Coloursticks in 2015, an ultra-pigmented creamy matte lipstick that became an online sensation. It paved the way for Colourette’s core product, Colourtint — a multi-use product for eyes, lips, and cheeks, which has sold more than 2 million units to date. With 24 versatile shades, Colourtint offers something for everyone.

Inclusivity At It’s Heart

Through campaigns like Morena Love, Colourette celebrated diversity with their community. Colourette extended collaborations with up-and-coming talents, leading to the creation of the Colourette Clique — a group of rising content creators. Aspiring members are selected through an online audition process prioritizing engagement and content quality over follower count.

Dizon’s online influence, especially on TikTok, has greatly enhanced the brand’s visibility. As a prominent advocate for women’s empowerment, she leverages her platform to encourage women to get involved in business, offering guidance and support to aspiring entrepreneurs through her videos. Her expertise was validated when she won TikTok’s Top Seller Award.

These initiatives have nurtured active engagement with their community, affectionately referred to as ‘Loucarettes’, who are central to Colourette’s vibrant campaigns. This digital-first strategy helped the brand thrive during the pandemic, making it the #1 local makeup brand on e-commerce platforms during the 11.11 and 12.12 sales in 2020 and 2021.

Colourette has proven to be a beauty trailblazer on TikTok, bagging several awards such as Top Creator and Top Seller, the only brand to win both awards simultaneously. Additionally, Colourtint emerged as the most loved lip product, and with the unwavering support of the Loucarettes, Colourette won the Loyal Customers Award in 2023.

As the economy eased back after the pandemic, Colourette leveraged its e-commerce success to make their products more accessible. Today, Colourette Cosmetics is available in 88 physical stores in leading department stores and over 3,000 7-Eleven branches nationwide.

In 2023, Colourette hosted its first go-see, allowing Filipinos of all shapes, sizes, and skin tones to showcase their beauty. Over 400 applicants participated, capping the day with renewed confidence. This year, the number of applicants doubled, a testament to the Loucarettes’ support in championing empowerment and inclusivity.

From Regional Funding and Beyond

Nearly a decade since its inception, Colourette has made an indelible mark in the local beauty landscape. Today, Colourette achieved another feat by being the first Filipino makeup brand to secure regional funding of USD 2 million from DSG Consumer Partners, Foxmont Capital Partners, and notable angel investors. Foxmont Capital Partners, Colourette’s first investor in 2022, joined this round again.

“We recognize Colourette’s potential to become a major player in the local beauty industry as it continues to reshape and strengthen the Filipino beauty community,” states Sameer Mehta, MD & Head of Southeast Asia at DSG Consumer Partners.

COO Stephanie Tanjuatco discusses Colourette’s growth in the local beauty industry. (Photo courtesy of Colourette Cosmetics)

Stephanie Tanjuatco, the recently appointed Chief Operating Officer, sees the investment funding as a testament to Colourette’s strong position in the emerging beauty market. “For a leading consumer fund like DSG Consumer Partners to see the potential in Colourette is a huge validation for us,” Tanjuatco shares. “Their recognition of what we’ve built and belief in how big the brand can be makes us incredibly proud and excited about our future plans.”

In the coming months, we can anticipate more product innovations from Colourette. As always, Colourette’s upcoming products are thoughtfully developed to meet the needs of their diverse community. Loucarettes can also look forward to bigger beauty events, more interactive social media campaigns, and exciting collaborations.

As a Colourette supporter since they first went viral on Twitter (now X), I’m excited for what’s to come! Congratulations to the Colourette team!

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  1. Yes isa sa mga problem q when it comes sa pag pili ng shades ng make up dahil sa isa akong morena skin type.. dahil sa blog na ito mas nabigyan aq ng idea which brand ng make up ang tutulong sakin na ma enhanced at mailabas ang natural beauty through colourette cosmetics.. thank you

  2. Nakakainspire Ang Story Of Ms .Nina Dizon
    At the teenage years,talagang business minded na siya kung ano ang tinitinda at through her determination and Hardwork ay nakamit niya itong business kaya CONGRATULATIONS 🎉👏
    Love to try this product too

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