Celebrate World Gin Day with Ginebra San Miguel’s new GIN-bassadors

Gin-maker Ginebra San Miguel Inc. (GSMI) has unveiled its new GIN-bassadors during the grand launch of its Archangel Reserve, just a few days before the celebration of World Gin Day on June 8. This year, GSMI introduced an online-famous trio: Jayson Luzadas a.k.a. Boss Toyo, rapper and host of the popular YouTube show “Pinoy Pawnstars”; Atty. Oliver Moeller, a showbiz newcomer and heartthrob lawyer from Cebu; and GMA Sparkle Talent and content creator Mikee Quintos. They were specifically chosen for embodying gin attributes of being cool, clear, and versatile.

Meet the new ambassadors behind the 190-year-old gin:

As Cool as Boss Toyo

Rapper and content creator Boss Toyo, known for his buy-and-sell business “Pinoy Pawnstar,” boasts a collection of over 400 cool, unique, and valuable memorabilia previously owned by celebrities and personalities. For Boss Toyo, Ginebra San Miguel’s nearly 2 centuries-old history as a brand makes it cool.

He also swears by Ginebra as he claims that a refreshing shot of gin helps him unwind after a busy day of deal-making, noting that the crispness and botanical notes of gin are a perfect way to cap off his deals.

As Clear as Atty. Moeller

Cebu-based Atty. Oliver Moeller, a new face in the showbiz industry, understands the importance of clear communication in sharing his legal, fitness, and sports advocacies as a public figure. Atty. Moeller appreciates the clear character of gin as a spirit that truly fosters connection and good times, as he enjoys it with friends.

He says the transparency and purity of gin resonate with his values of clarity and honesty.

As Versatile as Mikee Quintos

Much like a well-crafted gin, Mikee Quintos brings a range of talents that allow her to excel in the entertainment industry. As an actress, Mikee is game to portray and act out any role. What Mikee loves about gin is the endless possibilities of cocktails out there. No matter the day or mood, there’s a perfect gin cocktail that goes with it. Her versatility shines through in both her craft and her appreciation for gin’s adaptable nature.

GSMI is thrilled to have these three exciting and authentic personalities who perfectly embody the unique characteristics of gin – Boss Toyo is ‘Cool like Gin,’ Atty. Oliver is ‘Clear like Gin,’ and Mikee is ‘Versatile like Gin.’

World Gin Day Celebration

As part of the World Gin Day festivities, Ginebra also showcased the rich history of their gin from generation to generation. Customized items ranging from jerseys, artworks, and collectibles were put on display and later on auctioned to avid fans of the brand. Nik Makino and SPIT Manila were also gin-erous enough to entertain the attendees with their witty puns and music numbers inspired by Ginebra.

For the public, five pocket events are scheduled on June 8 at various locations:

  • Takas Bar in Katipunan, Quezon City
  • Southvibes in Dasmarinas, Cavite
  • Olive Bar in Angeles, Pampanga
  • Tambayan sa Pardo in Cebu City; and
  • GG Sisig in Davao City.

These events featured music and games, ensuring unforgettable fun for all attendees. For the rest of the Saturdays in June, “Gin is In” promotions include prizes to be given away when patrons order the featured gin drinks. Gin is truly in on World Gin Day and every day, celebrating the spirit’s cool, clear, and versatile nature with every sip and we say cheers to that!

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