TO BUY OR NOT TO BUY: Red Ribbon’s new Petite Cakes in 3 different flavors

Long gone are the days when cakes are only acceptable to eat during birthdays and special occasions. With the stress we’re enduring from work, studies, the fluctuating economy, and rising price of commodities, we all deserve moments of self-love just to help us get through the week! Taking time to savor in small pleasures is essential for maintaining our sanity so I say give in to your sweet tooth and get that cake – in a size good enough just for yourself!

Supporting the idea of eating a cake solo, Red Ribbon recently introduced Petite Cakes in three different flavors – Black Forest, Ube Bloom, and Caramel Delight – which the shop is famous for. These miniature 4-inch cakes are good enough for one to two persons (or even three), depending on your appetite. But do they taste as good as they look in the ads? Here are our thoughts.

Starting from my basic go-to cake flavor, Red Ribbon’s luscious Black Forest Petite Cake has a smooth icing and decadent chocolate fudge cake under rich grated chocolate, topped with a Maraschino cherry. Every bite gives a yummy chocolate-cherry combination that chocolate lovers would enjoy. It tastes like the regular Black Forest cakes from Red Ribbon, but I appreciate the size because it’s something that I was able to eat on my own in three days. I was trying to manage my food intake this week but I think I can finish it in two!

On the other hand, the Ube Bloom Petite Cake comes as a lovely surprise. It’s not too sweet and not too bland, it’s just right! The design is also very gift-worthy because of the purple flower on top. It has creamy ube icing and soft ube-flavored chiffon. My mom really liked this flavor so I’m guessing those who prefer cakes that aren’t too sweet would appreciate this, too.

Lastly, the Caramel Delight Petite Cake reminds me of chiffon slices. It has a combination of creamy icing, soft chiffon, and caramel glaze that isn’t too overpowering. Red Ribbon describes it as a more “elegant and lighter treat” for those who want a more caramel-mocha-like taste. My dad vouches for this flavor, by the way.

Seems that there’s a flavor for different preferences! So overall, for the starting price of Php 250, I would say that the Red Ribbon Petite Cakes are a TO-BUY! Majority of other cake shops sell slices that cost over Php 300 so the starting price for a petite round cake isn’t bad. It’s not expensive, it’s available nationwide, and it’s something you can easily get via the Red Ribbon app, website, GrabFood or FoodPanda. The cakes look exactly like how they are shown on the ads so it’s something that I also very much appreciate. Hope that Red Ribbon would add more flavors soon!

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