LIST: 6 Must-watch award-winning MMFF movies coming to Netflix this 2024

Missed the Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) last December? No need to worry because seven of the award-winning Pinoy-made gems are set to grace our Netflix screens this year, starting with Rewind – the highest grossing Filipino film of all time!  After the short yet successful run in 2023, these films which span from genres such as drama, horror, and comedy, will be made available on the streaming platform starting this March.

We’re already excited to watch Gomburza and Mallari, so mark these on your calendars as early as now and watch the trailers here:

1. Rewind

Available starting March 25, 2024

Awards: Top earning film

When his wife dies while their marriage is in tatters, a man makes a strange deal sending him to the past to turn it around — in exchange for his life. Starring real-life husband and wife tandem Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera, Rewind tells the story of John, a man granted the opportunity to return to the ill-fated day when his wife Mary tragically passed away, in a bid to alter the events that led to her untimely demise. The film is replete with themes of family and marriage, ultimately posing the question: What are you willing to sacrifice for a chance to turn back time and save the person you love?

2. Becky and Badette

Available starting April 4, 2024

Awards: Best Original Theme Song, Gender Sensitivity Award

Two broke best friends unexpectedly find stardom after pretending to be lovers at their school reunion — until an old flame triggers a fierce rivalry. Anyone who has lived paycheck-to-paycheck will relate to the struggles of best friends Becky and Badette as they try to make ends meet, clocking day in and day out, and dreaming of stumbling upon that one glorious opportunity to finally make it big—except these two actually did. Pokwang and Eugene Domingo star in this comedy as best friends who, fed up with their lives, went viral after falsely coming out as a lesbian couple, with the bit eventually becoming grounds for years-long rivalry and bitterness to surface.


Available starting April 9, 2024

Awards: Best Director, Best Actor – Cedrick Juan, Best Cinematography, Best Production Design, Best Sound, Gatpuno Antonio J. Villegas Cultural Award, 2nd Best Picture

Embroiled in a bitter campaign against inequality, three priests suffer the fury of Spanish colonial rule in the Philippines. Based on historical events. If you need to brush up on your knowledge on what transpired during the Spanish colonial rule in the Philippines, watching GomBurZa might be a good way to start. The movie tells the story of Fr. Mariano Gomez, Fr. Jose Burgos, and Fr. Jacinto Zamora, played by Dante Rivero, Cedrick Juan, and Enchong Dee respectively, three Catholic priests executed in 1872 for suspicions of sedition, offering a revolting insight into one of the most pivotal moments in Philippine history.

4. Kampon

Available starting April 18, 2024

Awards: Best Editing

Strange events plague an ex-cop after he takes in a girl who insists that she’s his daughter. Now he sets out to learn who she is and what she’s after. Clark and Eileen have been married for eight years and have endured their friends’ and family’s goading at the fact that they’re childless—until a child turns up at their home claiming to be Clark’s daughter. But the question is… is she really? Derek Ramsey and Beauty Gonzales star in this horror film that puts “black arts” at the forefront of its story, unraveling a chilling tale of family secrets and the supernatural.

5. Family of Two

Available starting June 1, 2024

Awards: Best Supporting Actress – Miles Ocampo

A devoted son who is bent on giving his devoted mother a good life is faced with a dilemma when the object of his affection decides to migrate. To be able to follow his love, the son needs to find his mother a good man to look after her. But the brief separation of the mother-son leads to deeper realizations of what they truly want and need in life.

Sharon Cuneta and Alden Richards star in Family of Two, a poignant and endearing film about a single mother and her son. Faced with the dilemma of wanting to uproot his life and move abroad with the love of his life, Matty (Richards) makes it his goal to find his mom a suitable partner to make his pending migration easy for her. This soon tested the bond between mother and son, eventually paving the way for unexpected challenges and heartwarming moments that we’re all too familiar with.

6. Mallari

Available starting June 21, 2024

Awards: Best Supporting Actor – JC Santos, Best Musical Score, Best Visual Effects, 3rd Best Picture

In search of his family’s supernatural cure for his dying girlfriend, Jonathan Mallari digs into his 1800s serial killer priest ancestor, Severino — triggering, not a cure but a curse: malevolent hauntings, uncontrollable soul travel, and the mysterious return of the serial killer in the present day. Jonathan soon learns that in order to heal his girlfriend, he will have to kill too, just as his ancestor Severino did. Will Jonathan use the ancestral curse: kill so that his beloved girlfriend can live?

Mallari centers around the fictional descendant of Fr. Severino Mallari, infamously known as the ‘first recorded serial killer in the Philippines’. Jonathan, portrayed by seasoned actor Piolo Pascual, driven by his own quest to find a cure for his dying girlfriend, Agnes (Janella Salvador), delves into the motivations behind his ancestor’s early 1800s murders. His search leads him to their ancestral home, where he eventually discovers not what he’s looking for, but generations’ worth of curse. Mallari has a non-linear narrative, with Pascual portraying three different roles across three generations, weaving a series of events into one cohesive storyline.

Which one are you excited to watch?

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  1. Oh this is good news mapapanood n sa Netflix.mine po gusto q din iwatch ang mallari.. and gomburza gusto q tlga ung mga movie na base sa true to life story

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