Skincare 101: Ingredients you should be looking for based on your skin concern

In a digital world saturated with skincare trends and “influencers” swearing by so-called miracle products, finding the right ingredients for your unique skin can be as complicated as solving a math problem… though there is science behind it! Despite the numerous options out there, one thing’s for sure: Don’t let the hype get into you, and instead, look for specific ingredients that genuinely cater to your skin type and concerns. Dermatologists would also know what’s best but let me share the basics I’ve learned from treating different skin issues for the past two decades.

For Fine Lines and Mature Skin: Retinol

The youngest millennials are already nearing their 30s (like me) so our good old buddy Retinol — the Benjamin Button of skincare, would be the best bet for our aging skin. Retinol, considered as a timeless ingredient, works wonders on fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots. It can help bring out smoother, younger-looking skin when applied nightly.

Make sure to read the instructions of the product that you’re using, though! Some brands have high content, which may cause skin to become extremely flaky during the skin renewal process.

For Dry and Dehydrated Skin: Hyaluronic Acid

It may be hot and dry in the Philippines 24/7 but that shouldn’t be the same for our skin! If your face feels dehydrated, reach for Hyaluronic Acid. It’s your skin’s big gulp of water, restoring much-needed hydration and leaving it soft, smooth, and plump. I used to have dry patches on my face and Hyaluronic Acid was one of the things recommended by my derma.

For Loss of Elasticity and Sagging Skin: Collagen

Another sign of aging is sagging skin. To help prepare yourself for the golden days, Collagen will be one of your allies. It helps restore that bounce-back effect and plump, youthful-looking skin. Not all sagginess can be treated by just collagen, though! Take note that your dermatologist may recommend other methods when there’s to much.

For Dull and Uneven-Toned Skin: Vitamin C

Vitamin C isn’t just something you take orally, it’s also something you can apply directly on the skin. This brightening superhero fades dark spots, acne marks, and unevenness, helping give you a radiant and lit-from-within glow. Still best paired with Vitamin C supplements, though. Remember that you have to help your body both inside and on the outside.

For Sun-Damaged Skin: Vitamin E

Shield your skin from stress, sun, free radicals, and pollution with Vitamin E. This antioxidant-rich skincare armor helps you conquer the world while keeping your skin protected. Similar to Vitamin C, it’s also something that your body needs both inside and out!

For Dry and Damaged Skin: Snail Mucin

Snail Mucin is actually an Asian skincare secret. This unexpected ingredient aids in skin recovery, improving resilience, locking in moisture, and fading blemishes. Snails produce this slime and are not k/illed during the process so no need to worry! Just make sure to support brands that have cruelty-free practices for zero guilt even when it comes to skincare.

For Signs of Premature Aging: CoQ10

Who wants to look old and wrinkly? Not me. If you want to maintain the youthful glow, combat premature aging with an antioxidant like CoQ10 (Coenzyme Q10). Although it sounds like something from the periodic table of elements, this superhero ingredient encourages skin cell regeneration, replacing fine lines and wrinkles with a softer, firmer complexion. It’s like a good night’s sleep for your skin without the actual sleeping part.

For each of the ingredients mentioned above, consider Beauty Prime Skincare Concentrates — an ingredient-led brand with potent products designed for specific skin needs. No more guessing games – just straightforward, effective skincare. These products are available on Shopee and Lazada. Price starts at Php 1,499.

Note: When in doubt, always consult with a dermatologist for personalized recommendations tailored to your skin’s specific needs.

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