SHARP Tech Day unveils game-changing innovations: A glimpse into the future of tech

The call for innovation reverberates globally, with initiatives like the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and the National Academy of Engineering’s Grand Challenges for Engineering pushing boundaries. Among the vanguard of innovation stands SHARP Corporation (SHARP), a trailblazer with a legacy of 111 years in technological breakthroughs. Recently, at the signature SHARP Tech Day in Tokyo, Japan, the company unveiled a spectrum of groundbreaking technology advancements poised to redefine industries and enhance the quality of life for society.

Rooted in a commitment to merging modern-day challenges with technological solutions, SHARP President and CEO, Robert Wu, set the stage for a new era of technological transformation at Tech Day. The unveiled innovations spanned across AI, EV Solutions, Green Energy, Next Communication, Semiconductor, and Robotics, marking a strategic move towards making life and work more accessible and secure.

(Third from left) SHARP Corporation President and CEO, Robert Wu, and (L-R) Executive Managing
Officer, Chief Technology Officer, Head of R & D Mototaka Taneya, Executive Vice President, Masahiro Okitsu, Chief Financial Officer, Branden Chen.

“SHARP Tech Day marks the beginning of a new generation of technological transformation that will inspire many more new innovations to come. The new innovations from SHARP are in the area of AI, EV Solutions, Green Energy, Next Communication, Semiconductor and Robotics. My vision is to see SHARP’s game changing technologies make life and work easier and safer. Thus, speed and determination are two important factors that will drive our technology advancement,” explained SHARP Corporation President and CEO, Robert Wu.

Four Pillars of Innovation

SHARP’s experiential showcase at Tech Day featured over 40 technology solutions categorized into four pillars: “The Future of Smart Living,” “The Future of Smart Cities,” “The Future of Smart Industry,” and “The Future of Sustainability.” Each category aimed to address contemporary challenges and offer solutions that align with SHARP’s commitment to innovation.

1. The Future of Smart Living: “Less Is More”

SHARP’s AI Partner is a highly compatible item that allows users to control home appliances and coordination with various services.

Under the theme “Less Is More,” SHARP presented its latest Smart Living Solutions. These innovations, powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and collaborative efforts with start-ups, cater to the needs of modern-day consumers. SHARP aspires to bring convenience and comfort to households, enriching lives through thoughtful technological integration.

2. The Future of Smart Cities: “Better Safety”

SHARP extended reality (XR) technology attracted great interest as users tried on the XR glasses for an immersive audiovisual perspective of daily life, office space, and even the outdoors all with a few simple clicks of a button.

With a focus on “Better Safety,” SHARP showcased solutions for unexpected hazardous situations. The “Instant 5G Network” for disaster relief and AI driving-assistance features exemplify SHARP’s commitment to enhancing safety in urban environments. Mobility solutions were also emphasized, contributing to the development of smart cities.

3. The Future of Smart Industry: “Better Efficiency”

SHARP’s automated warehouse system, with automated transport robots, holds the potential to help businesses improve storage capacity, improve business efficiency, and inject flexible operations in distribution warehouses.

Integrating “Better Efficiency,” SHARP unveiled innovations for smarter offices, logistics, manufacturing, and laboratories. Through XR technology, robotics, and AI, SHARP aims to revolutionize workspaces and provide future-oriented solutions for manufacturing and bioengineering.

4. The Future of Sustainability: Innovation in Green Energy

SHARP’s contribution to the EV segment is evident with the showcase of its in-vehicle black silicon solar cell module designed with a sense of unity with the vehicle’s body.

Addressing global demands for sustainability, SHARP showcased innovations in Green Energy and Green Digital Communication. The company’s breakthroughs in solar development align with applications for homes, businesses, and even the electric vehicle (EV) industry. Additionally, Sharp IGZO backplane technology offers high visibility with zero power consumption, further contributing to sustainability efforts.

Nurturing Synergy among Innovators

Beyond developing solutions, SHARP actively fosters collaboration. The company released specifications for its edge AI technology and engaged with start-ups to develop generative AI technology. The collaboration extended to strategic partner FOXCONN, which showcased innovations in electric vehicles and semiconductors.

SHARP’s hackathon to redefine the new value of televisions in the future embodied the spirit of co-creation with people of various technologies and backgrounds.

In the spirit of co-creation, SHARP organized a hackathon during Tech Day. Engineers, designers, and innovators from various industries collaborated to redefine the value of televisions in the future. Team Yukai na Nakama Tachi emerged victorious, proposing an ‘AI assistant standing close by the family.’ The winning prototype may see future joint development and acceleration support from SHARP.

SHARP Tech Day was a testament to the company’s unwavering commitment to innovation, quality, and sustainability. The event showcased cutting-edge technologies poised to spark conversations around adoption and new partnerships. SHARP believes that these innovations will not only inspire but also contribute significantly to the advancement of technology on a global scale.

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  1. Dbest tlga tong SHARP, anywhere Super ganda ng Features Details and Specs. Ang ganda ng quality and Four Pillars na tlga nman nkkatulong kahit kanino, kaya patuloy ding tinatangkilik.

  2. Ang ganda talaga kapag Sharp Products cuz they also a testament to the company’s unwavering commitment to innovation, quality, and sustainability kaya ang daming nagtitiwala sa kanila

  3. Ang galingg ng ganitoo ng sharp itong future of tech nila , kaya mas lalong nakikilala ang Sharp . Ung Future of Sustainability ang pinaka nagustuhan ko . Kaya tlgaa trusted brand ito 😍

  4. I highly recommended this SHARP APPLIANCES ETC.
    We have freezer na Sharp i swear na sobrang ganda ng quality.Almost 2 years na sya it really helps to us lalo na sa business.

  5. Sharp is a trusted brand..even before sharp never disappoint valued customer..they always offer the best service..

  6. sharp is one of those brands that most people trusted. It’s great that they continue to make their products better through the years with countless innovations. With the latest innovations that you have listed, solar cells is quite interesting for me coz it will really save energy and sustain our environment ☺️

  7. SHARP innovation is indeed on the highest level. There are more things to look forward and more things they can offer. Truly, the most trusted and excellent brand exist.

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