Your guide to the first-ever Santa Maria Music and Film Festival happening on a mountain top this December 2

Prepare to immerse yourself in an unforgettable blend of outdoor music, movies, and nature as the first-ever Santa Maria Music and Film Festival (SMMFF) unfolds on Saturday (December 2, 2023). Nestled atop the majestic mountains of Bayan ng Santa Maria, the Northernmost town of Laguna, this unique event offers a breathtaking 360-degree scenic view of Mount Banahaw, Mount Cristobal, and Mount Sembrano. Overlooking Laguna de Bay and the windmills of Pililia, Rizal, the venue promises an ambiance like no other. That’s just around 2-3 hours away from the Metro!

The festivities are set to kick off with a formal opening featuring the Santa Maria Academy Dance Troupe, setting the stage for an evening filled with entertainment. Acoustic guitarist and singers Miro Valera and Jeff Bolivar will also be serenading the audience in between film showings, adding a melodic touch to the enchanting atmosphere.

The SMMFF will showcase seven short films during its 3-hour runtime from 3 pm to 6 pm. These films, submitted by freelance movie writers and directors from various walks of life worldwide, promise a diverse and captivating cinematic experience.

From a selection of 20 entries, 13 outstanding films are pre-selected based on rigorous criteria. The top seven films include “The Vibe Operator” by Michael Moore (USA), “Bitter Brownies” by James Carman (USA), “Life Savers” by Lukasz Wdowicz (Poland), “Searching for Chunk” by Samuel Haft (USA), “Till the music stop” by Emilie De Monsabert (France), “Dream On” by Dale Metz, Sarah – Lee Dobbs (USA), and “I Can Do Anything: A Letter to Burning Man” by Alba Roland Mejia (USA).

As you enjoy these captivating films, indulge in complimentary wine from Barefoot Wine & Arbor Mist. Remember to bring your tumblers for water refilling stations and grab free samples from Conzace, Nafarin, and Immunpro!

The event’s location at the summit of Sierra Madre offers an unparalleled view, but be prepared for cold winds and possible rain, as the area is a private property owned by the Maliwanag family. Accessing the location may involve hiking or using designated transportation services, so plan accordingly.

For a seamless festival experience, check out the PDF guide on their website to explore the easiest ways to get to the Santa Maria Music & Film Festival and available accommodations. Tickets are free, but seats are limited, so secure your spot at Santa Maria Festival Website.

The festival prioritizes safety, with trained staff and security personnel on-site. Follow provided safety guidelines and coordinate with local government personnel for assistance. Dress appropriately for varying weather conditions and be mindful of the diverse wildlife in the Sierra Madre region.

As you explore the venue, discover hidden narratives in the 10 captivating art installations curated by SMMFF. Embark on an art odyssey, capturing the memories through photography while being considerate of fellow attendees.

Note that picnicking, overnight stays, and smoking during the movie screening are not allowed. The event is dedicated to providing a secure environment with a medical team on standby for any emergencies. Santa Maria’s Music and Film Festival promises an extraordinary experience, blending nature, music, and cinema in the heart of Sierra Madre.

Enjoy the outdoors this weekend with SMMFF!

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  1. Ohhh wowww may Upcoming unique event !!
    Enjoy Pa sa event plus enjoy pa 360
    Degree scenic view
    Ohhh love it ,ang saya puntahan talaga

  2. For sure this will be a successful event..
    Music,movie and nature.. talagang mag eenjoy. . at ang bongga nito kasi outdoor ang venue.. ang ung location.. perfect

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