Newest RKitchen endorser Daniel Padilla reveals his go-to Pinoy ‘kamayan’ food

Can you imagine Daniel Padilla, a well-known Filipino actor and heartthrob, eating with his bare hands? This isn’t something we’d normally hear from celebrities as the practice of pagkakamay isn’t a common thing for people on a higher social class; however, Daniel – the newest endorser of RKitchen Foods Corporation, swears by the practice of pagkakamay when indulging in his favorite Pinoy food!

DJ has never been shy about his love for authentic Filipino cuisine, especially the delectable Spicy Tinapa from RKitchen. Even before becoming the face of the brand, Daniel shares that his genuine affection for this traditional Filipino delicacy stems from his mom’s love for traditional ulam (viand) such as Tinapa, Tuyo, and other food commonly preserved in bottles.

(L-R) RKitchen founder Ryan Regua, RKitchen brand ambassador Daniel Padilla, and RKitchen founder Reese Regua at the launch of #DanielPadilla4RKitchen last October 30. This also marks the brand’s 4th anniversary.

“Comfort food, eh. The best! Tsaka mayroong romansa sa pagkain ng ganitong mga local food natin na ganito… ‘Di bagay ‘yung mga kutsara dito ‘pag kumakain. Itapon ang mga kutsara, gamitin ang mga kamay,” shares Daniel. “Lumaki ako sa ganoon. ‘Yung ‘ermat (mother) ko kasi, ganoon ako pinapakain dati.”

[“It’s comfort food. The best! There’s also some sort of romance in eating local food with bare hands… It doesn’t go with spoons when you eat. Throw your spoon away, use your hands,” shares Daniel. “I grew up with that. My mother feeds me that way when I was young.”]

Daniel Padilla, the first and newest RKitchen celebrity endorser!

RKitchen, known for its artisanal approach to bottling the essence of Filipino home-cooked goodness, proudly launched Daniel as their newest brand endorser in time for the brand’s fourth year anniversary. Established in 2019 by the visionary duo, Ryan and Reese Regua, RKitchen’s journey began with a passion for sharing their cherished family recipes with the world. Starting with their signature Burong Isda, the brand’s diverse product lineup has grown to include a range of yummy offerings, each crafted with the finest ingredients and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

“It feels so surreal,” says Reese regarding the addition of Daniel to the RKitchen family. “Lagi nga po namin sinasabi sa kanya na ‘When you said yes to us, it’s not just us na tinutulungan mo but the entire community of RKitchen’ kaya maraming maraming salamat.”

[“It feels surreal,” says Reese regarding the addition of Daniel to the RKitchen family. “We always tell him ‘When you said yes to us, it’s not just us that you’re helping, but the entire local community of RKitchen’ so we’re very very thankful.”]

RKitchen founders Ryan and Reese Regua

I’m sure lahat po ng bumubuo ng RKitchen family [ay] masayang masaya ngayon at naniniwala kami sa’yo, malayong malayo ang mararating ng RKitchen,” added Ryan, referencing to the local workers whom they consider to be the heart of the brand.

[“I’m sure everyone in the RKitchen family is very very happy and we believe in you (Daniel), RKitchen will go far,” added Ryan, referencing to the local workers whom they consider to be the heart of the brand.]

RKitchen currently offers Chili Garlic Oil, Spicy Burong Hipon, Burong Isda, Spicy Burong Isda, Burong Hipon, Garlic Tinapa, Lemon Garlic Tinapa, Spicy Garlic Tinapa, Sweet and Spicy Tuyo, Garlic Tuyo, and Spicy Garlic Tuyo in Vinegar. Price ranges from Php 250 to Php 330 only! What makes these more special, aside from the nostalgia that it brings, is the absence of fish bones and sharp smell of buro in every jar. We can now enjoy these Pinoy-favorite products without worrying about the strong smell it brings when eaten in public.

I guess I have something new to add to my weekday baon at work! RKitchen products are available on Shopee, Lazada, select supermarkets and groceries nationwide, as well as over 280 distributors and 1,000 resellers worldwide.

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  1. Napakahumble ni daniel.. and fit sia to be an endoser ng Rkitchen…kasi walang kaarte arte.. at magaling sumagot.. btw happy 4th anniversary Rkitchen..more years to come…

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