‘Snow White and The Prince’: An interactive theater experience for the whole family

After a long hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Repertory Philippines’ Theater for Young Audiences (RTYA) is back with a enchanting production that’s set to captivate audiences of all ages — Snow White and The Prince! This heartwarming love story based on the iconic characters promises to be a musical comedy that both the young and young at heart will cherish, and I can attest to that. It’s the kind of love story that the 90s movie missed to tell, with an addition of a magic mirror that definitely has more say and sass than all of the enchanted furniture in Beauty and the Beast combined!

Snow White and The Prince is a beloved classic brought to life by the talented writing duo of Janet Yates Vogt and Mark Friedman, who previously wowed audiences with RTYA’s successful 2017 production, Rapunzel, Rapunzel! A Very Hairy Fairy Tale. In this musical comedy, the story revolves around Snow White, who eagerly anticipates her first ball and dreams of romance. However, her dreams are shattered by her jealous stepmother. To ensure her safety, Snow White’s loving nursemaid sends her into the forest to find seven (of course) friends. Along the way, she encounters a magical mirror that never lies and the symbol of evil—an apple.

The enchanting world of Snow White and The Prince comes to life through imaginative production design. The set and costumes are meticulously crafted, transporting the audience into a world of lush forests, sparkling castles, and whimsical creatures. Raven Ong’s colorful costume design and Kayla Teodoro’s art-deco set design, augmented by the skilled hands of talented artists, enhance every aspect of the production. Although we didn’t see dwarves like how we envisioned them to be, everything seemed to work altogether.

RTYA is dedicated to providing children with quality theater experiences that are just as enjoyable as those for adults. Joy Virata, the Director and RTYA’s Creative Director, has assembled a talented cast of both seasoned and young actors to tell this timeless story through simple and humorous dialogue and tuneful songs.

Leading the cast are REP and RTYA regulars Carla Guevara Laforteza and Pinky Marquez as the Queen, with newcomer Julia Serad alternating. The roles of Snow White and the Prince are portrayed by Kiara Dario, Pappel (Ashlee Factor), Jillian Ita-as, Anyah, MC Dela Cruz, Neo Rivera, and Rapah Manalo. The production features a diverse ensemble cast, showcasing actors of all heights, weights, genders, and ages, each bringing their unique talents to the stage.

RTYA’s productions not only entertain but also educate. Through art, music, classical dance, and engaging storytelling, children are exposed to various forms of artistic expression. Each performance includes a segment of “Audience Participation,” allowing young viewers to interact with the actors and become part of the magic.

It’s also my first time to see a performance as interactive as this, prompting the audience to answer and help out the characters as they tell the story. Kids were shouting at the top of their lungs, trying to save Snow White throughout the musical, but of course, I can hear the adults choosing the wicked choices (as expected). Imagine Dora The Explorer but make it more dreamy and fairytale-like! That’s the kind of interaction that you can expect to see.

Overall, I really enjoyed the show! It got me humming and feeling like we’re dancing, dancing and dancing like Snow White and The Prince (who has a very long name, no doubt they’d just call him “The Prince”) even as the curtains closed. As the type of person who would always root for the supporting characters, my eyes were on the Magic Mirror who slayed and the Queen of Mean who stayed true to her character ’til the last minute. The dedication is topnotch!

Snow White and The Prince will run from September 16 to December 17, 2023. To secure tickets to this enchanting journey, go to Ticket 2 Me or Ticket World’s websites. For inquiries or show bookings, you can reach out to sales@repphil.org or marketing@repphil.org, or contact them at 0966 905 4013.

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*All photos courtesy of Repertory Philippines.

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