SoPa’s Thoughtful Media Group enters PH with game-changing platform for brands and creators

In the digital age, anyone can be a creator. However, while everyone has the chance to become social-media famous and earn from the content they post, not everyone may fit what brands are looking for. Imagine looking for tech reviews from a tech content creator and ending up with a branded content post about diapers and milk. Looks out of place, right? This is where credible digital advertising platforms like Thoughtful Media Group Inc (TMG) comes in, introducing new strategies and a bigger reach with over 10,000 talented creators across multiple industries within Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and now, the Philippines.

TMG is the official digital advertising platform of Society Pass Incorporated (Nasdaq: SoPa) — Southeast Asia’s data-driven fintech and e-commerce ecosystem. With the theme “The Power of Influence”, TMG introduced its new Manila-based executive team and took media attendees through their disruptive influencer advertising business model in the Philippines last Thursday (August 17, 2023) at Mansion Sports Bar & Lounge.

(L-R) Dennis Nguyen, Founder/Chairman/CEO of SoPa and Chairman of Thoughtful Media Group; Billy Soo, Head of TMG Philippines

A Trailblazer in the Making

TMG’s journey from its inception in 2010 to its acquisition by SoPa in 2022 is nothing short of remarkable. Within a year, it expanded its reach from Bangkok, Thailand, to Vietnam, and then Indonesia, before making its triumphant entry into the Philippines in 2023. What’s more, TMG’s workforce has grown exponentially, reflecting the platform’s rapid expansion, and it now boasts over 10,000 talented creators in its network.

The heart of TMG’s success lies in its disruptive advertising platform, which integrates influencer marketing, brand campaigns, social commerce, and sports marketing. With over a decade of experience, TMG has served more than 100 brands, leveraging its 10,000+ creators to tell compelling stories that resonate with audiences. As consumer behavior shifts toward direct purchases on social media platforms, TMG now stands at the forefront, collaborating with social media giants, advertisers, and influencers to shape the creator economy in the Philippines.

Dennis Nguyen, Founder/Chairman/CEO of SoPa and Chairman of Thoughtful Media Group.

“We are very pleased to bring the Philippines market into the TMG ecosystem. TMG’s disruptive advertising platform, combining over 10,000 talented creators, market-leading design/branding capabilities, influencer advertising-focused social commerce services, will generate massive storytelling capabilities and revenue generation opportunities for local, regional and international advertisers seeking to market in the Philippines. By leveraging our local knowledge of market trends from other offices in Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia, TMG provides international quality advertising products and services for our brand partners as well as significant revenue generating opportunities for Philippines creators,” shares Dennis Nguyen, Founder/Chairman/CEO of SoPa and Chairman of TMG.

Nguyen is especially thrilled to welcome Billy Soo as the head of TMG Philippines operations. Soo, with his extensive experience in gaming and advertising, is poised to lead the charge in creating a unique and powerful advertising platform that caters to the diverse needs of the Philippines’ burgeoning digital landscape.

The Philippines’ Digital Renaissance

The Philippines is experiencing a digital renaissance, driven by a tech-savvy population and widespread internet access. Datareportal even reports that internet penetration in the Philippines stands at 73.1 percent, with the number of internet users increasing significantly in recent years. Filipinos are spending nearly four hours a day on social media, creating a fertile ground for influencer marketing.

TMG’s entry into the Philippines aligns perfectly with this online behavior and the country’s growing creator economy. As more creators and advertisers embrace TMG’s integrated advertising network, the future looks promising for those looking to harness the power of influence.

Billy Soo, Country Head of TMG Philippines, also emphasized the platform’s commitment to creating genuine connections between brands and content creators. This authentic relationship, along with strategic data verification, is their answer to the increasing number of creators who sacrifice the quality of their content.

Billy Soo, Head of TMG Philippines

“We build relationships. We start with reaching out, getting them onboard with some of the projects that we need to execute and then slowly transition to a more scaled-up partnership,” shares Soo when asked about how they verify authenticity of creators they onboard. “There are a lot of ways (to verify authenticity). There are softwares out there that can spot the minor details in an influencer like unique traffic and follower demographic.”

Having much experience in the creator industry, TMG Philippines is set to offer premium branded campaigns, multi-channel networks, sports marketing, and esports verticals. With a team of dedicated professionals, TMG is ready to serve both creators and advertisers, ushering in a new era of influencer marketing in the Philippines. As the creator economy continues to surge, TMG’s disruptive advertising platform is poised to become the driving force behind the Philippines’ digital transformation, connecting influencers and brands through the power of influence.

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