LIST: Metro Manila hangout spots that offer easy-to-drink brew with your fave food

Isn’t it a downer when you’re craving for a cold bottle (or can) of beer and the bar or restaurant that you went to doesn’t offer one? I’ve experienced this before and it’s such a mood-killer especially when the gang already has their eyes on a lot of bar chow! To help you pin point the best spots where you can find easy-to-drink brew like the smooth and refreshing Heineken Silver, here’s a list of recommended bars, restaurants, and other haunts in the Metro and beyond.

Heineken Silver is designed to bring that perfect blend of crispness and subtlety that Filipinos love! With a balanced taste that’s easy to appreciate, this brew offers a refreshing experience that’s light on the stomach. Boasting a lower ABV of 4% and just 35 kcal per 100mL, it’s a guilt-free indulgence with no fat or sugar — making it one of my go-to drinks.

Metro Manila Hotspots

In the bustling heart of Metro Manila, Heineken Silver has found its way into the trendiest and most vibrant venues. Experience the sleek and maximalist vibes of Clubhouse at The Palace, dubbed as the newest home of “the collective cool”. On the other hand, if you’re planning to elevate your dining experience, check out KAO Manila, where Asian cuisine meets contemporary sophistication. For a New York-inspired aura, there’s NoKal which became famous for its chic retro design and signature NoKal Burger.

As for restaurants, there are a couple of branches that always have premium lager on hand! Unwind amidst rock ‘n’ roll memorabilia at Hard Rock Cafe, where this easy-to-drink lager pairs perfectly with the spirit of music; savor every bite alongside your squad at Tipsy Pig, a gastropub offering a delectable menu to complement the brew’s smooth taste; dive into flavorful wings and burgers at Frankie’s New York Buffalo Wings, or relish classic American snacks at Taters, all while sipping on the refreshing Heineken Silver.

Beyond Manila

The Heineken Silver experience isn’t limited to Metro Manila, of course! You can bring the smooth and refreshing experience with you during your travels. Some suggestions: Find your oasis in La Union’s Port San Juan, a haven for beach lovers and music enthusiasts alike. The sound of waves at the beach and a cold bottle of beer? A must-try pair! In Cebu, places like Trademark and Sentral offer a vibrant nightlife and a perfect setting for enjoying this refreshing brew.

Davao embraces also Heineken Silver’s vibrant energy at Pre-Game Socials and 199x Coffee + Bar, as well as the cozy ambiance of Noon Gastropub.

So, gather your crew, raise your glasses, and let Heineken Silver become the backdrop to your unforgettable experiences. Cheers to making every moment an effortlessly enjoyable one!

P.S. As always, don’t forget to DRINK RESPONSIBLY.

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