LIST: New must-try drinks and pastries at Starbucks Philippines

Think BLACKPINK’s new Strawberry Choco Cream Frappuccino Blended Beverage and bedazzled merch are the only reasons to visit Starbucks in the next two months? That’s not the only reason to drop by because our favorite coffee company recently introduced new drinks an pastries to try! How You Like That, huh? As we bid adieu to summer, Starbucks is here to add a burst of flavor and excitement to our day with an updated menu that will make you Crazy Over You food. So, set aside your BLACKPINK merch shopping list for a moment and check out these indulgences that will surely make your taste buds sing:


1. Almond Butter Latte (Hot/Iced)

The Almond Butter Latte is like a marriage of sweet and savory, featuring Starbucks’ signature espresso infused with rich and roasted flavor of almonds. To add a touch of indulgence, this delightful drink is topped with vanilla whipped cream, a drizzle of mocha, and a sprinkle of sugar glazed almond toppings.


  • Tall: Php 190
  • Grande: Php 205
  • Venti: Php 220

2. Almond Butter Coffee Frappuccino and Almond White Chocolate Cream Frappuccino

During hot, sunny days, the refreshing Almond Butter Coffee Frappuccino awaits! Blending almonds with Frappuccino Roast coffee, milk, and ice, this frappe is topped with whipped cream, a drizzle of mocha, and an Instagrammable waffle-shaped chocolate plate. If you’re craving something sweeter, add this one to your list.


  • Tall: Php 190
  • Grande: Php 205
  • Venti: Php 220

3. Almond Cream Cold Brew and Almond Cream Nitro Cold Brew

For cold brew enthusiasts, Starbucks presents the Almond Cream Cold Brew and Almond Cream Nitro Cold Brew. These refreshing beverages feature Starbucks Cold Brew and Nitro Cold Brew, topped with a velvety almond cold foam and a hint of sugar glazed almond topping. Smoothness and nuttiness in every sip!

Price (Almond Cream Cold Brew):

  • Tall: Php 205
  • Grande: Php 220
  • Venti: Php 235

Price (Almond Cream Nitro Cold Brew):

  • Tall: Php 210
  • Grande: Php 225
  • Venti: Php 240


4. Belgian Chocolate Cupcake

Although not entirely new, the Belgian Chocolate Cupcake is making a comeback! It’s a delightful treat for those looking to satisfy their sweet tooth without the added sugar. This cupcake comes in a dense chocolate cake base crowned with creamy chocolate frosting, making it an ideal companion to the Almond Cream Cold Brew.

Price: Php 175

5. Choco Crunch Doughnut

For doughnut lovers, try this fluffy yeast-raised doughnut filled with crunch chocolate cream. A good match for the nutty goodness of the Almond Butter Latte!

Price: Php 105

6. Creamy Gochujang Rigatoni with Grilled Pork

For a more flavorful journey, they have the Creamy Gochujang Rigatoni with Grilled Pork — a Korean-Italian dish which includes a creamy pasta infused with the spiciness of Korean gochujang paste, topped with succulent grilled pork and roasted sesame seeds. Filling enough for lunch!

Price: Php 225

7. Pretty Pink Cake

If you’re a fan of desserts that are as pleasing to the eyes as they are to the palate, the Pretty Pink Cake is a must-try. Not to mention that this also looks good beside your BLACKPINK merch and drink! This light and moist vanilla cake is layered with creamy milk chocolate ganache and finished with a decadent cream cheese frosting. Pair it with the Almond Butter Coffee Frappuccino for an extra twist!


  • Whole: Php 1760
  • Slice: Php 220

8. Choco Blink Cookie

If you want something more on-the-go yet screams “I’M A BLINK!” (BLACKPINK fans are called BLINKS) with black-and-pink colored pastries, the Choco Blink Cookie is a good choice. It’s a soft and chewy cookie made with Belgian chocolate, generous chocolate chunks, and a delightful pink chocolate drizzle. Savor its fudgy goodness while sipping on the Almond Cream Cold Brew!

Price: Php 85

9. Triple Chocolate Cheesecake

Lastly, if you’re after an ultimately chocolatey experience, then pick the Triple Chocolate Cheesecake. This dessert is loaded with three different chocolate-based cheesecakes and topped with creamy chocolate cream. For a balanced the flavors, pair it with an Iced Americano!


  • Whole: Php 2450
  • Slice: Php 245

Note: Prices and availability may vary based on location and third-party delivery services.

Which food or drink are you eyeing? Mine’s on the Triple Chocolate Cheesecake and hot Almond Butter Latte!

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