Skincare ‘For Keeps’: This giftable proudly Pinoy brand advocates for clean beauty!

We’ve been seeing a lot of brands use the term “clean beauty” loosely after the clamor for non-harmful and more organic choices in the market. However, not all these brands have been acknowledged by regulatory agencies such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), responsible for ensuring the safety of the public’s food, cosmetics, and other products, as not all that claim to advocate for clean beauty are using 100% all-natural and non-harmful products. We came across one of the very few brands that received FDA approval and here’s a quick look at their products and the reasons why we’re slowly switching to skincare “for keeps”:

For Keeps Clean Beauty is a Proudly Pinoy brand leading the clean beauty movement and setting new standards in skincare. As one of the very few clean beauty brands with FDA approval in the Philippines, For Keeps Clean Beauty has gained recognition for their commitment to providing safe, effective, and environment-friendly products. Aside from using all-natural ingredients, the brand also values sustainability. Returning packaging materials and bottles entitle customers to FK Loyalty Points that are as good as money for their next purchase! They even partnered with waste management groups such as The Plastic Flamingo, GreenAntz, and My Basurero to make their vision of a better Earth a reality.

(L-R) For Keeps Clean Beauty Trade Merchandising Manager Jan Hazelene Magboo, For Keeps Clean Beauty President and Founder Maria Pia Paz Sy, and your Manila Millennial, Ces Dimalanta. (Photo courtesy of Ted Claudio/Wazzup PH)

“Sustainability is our advocacy because one of the things that’s important in the clean beauty philosophy is protecting our planet. We actually partnered with sustainable companies that recycle PET bottles. These companies collect used packaging,” shares Maria Pia Paz Sy, President and Founder of For Keeps Clean Beauty. “We encourage our customers to return their used PET bottles, but very seldom that we get returned PET bottles because we have bigger sizes used to refill the small bottles. We encourage (customers) to reuse bottles, but in the event that they want to dispose the bottles, we have stations where they can return the packaging.”


On top of their sustainability advocacy, using ingredients from the Philippines, and giving Filipinos more job opportunities, each product has been carefully made to suit even sensitive skin. I have eczema and so far, NONE of the products I’ve used from For Keeps Clean Beauty has triggered a skin flare-up. Here’s what I know after trying their Full Experience Premium Basket:

PROTECT Hand Sanitizer (475ml): Since the brand was established in 2020 — the same year when the pandemic began, they made sure to include a non-drying yet effective hand sanitizer for protection. This is made with Ethanol, distilled water, calamansi, hydrosol, aloe vera extract, glycerin, and a blend of pure essential oils such as tea tree, peppermint, eucalyptus, and lemon. After a week of using it, my skin felt less flaky compared to when I used strong alcohol.

For cleansing the body, there are three variants that customers can choose from but everything’s all-natural, biodegradable, and environment-friendly:

ARISE Hand + Body Wash and Bar Soap: The Hand + Body Wash and Bar Soap combination under ARISE both contain VCO, EVO, water, glycerin, and essential oils — lemon, lime, peppermint, calamansi, dalandan, orange, and bergamot. You’d be able to smell this energizing blend of scents in both products! A good choice for those who need an uplifting boost before a hectic work day or those who just need a refreshing vibe during bath time. This gentle yet effective blend cleanses the skin, leaving it refreshed, moisturized, and delicately scented.

UNWIND Hand + Body Wash and Bar Soap: Products under UNWIND also contain VCO, EVO, water, and glycerin, but what sets it apart from the rest is its use of pure lavender oil for a relaxing bath. It provides a calming experience while effectively cleansing and hydrating your skin. It helps foster rest, recharges, and aids in sleep, thanks to its tranquil aroma.

CLEANSE Hand + Body Wash and Bar Soap: Lastly, the CLEANSE line takes pride in its antibacterial, moisturizing, and disinfecting properties made possible with all-natural ingredients. It also contains VCO, EVO, water, glycerin, and essential oils — tea tree, peppermint, and lemongrass. This revitalizing wash and bar soap can cleanse away impurities, leaving your skin feeling rejuvenated and revitalized.

From the indulgent ARISE, UNWIND, and CLEANSE Hand + Body Washes and Bar Soaps to the disinfecting PROTECT Hand Sanitizer, each product is carefully formulated to deliver effective yet gentle results. The scent it leaves on the skin also reminds me of trips to the spa!


For Keeps Clean Beauty products can be purchased online via their website and in stores such as Kultura, Mitsukoshi, and Rustan’s. Price starts at only Php 220 but they also have giftable bundles starting at Php 440. You can also visit their booth at the Corporate Giveaways Buyers’ Show happening at Hall 4 of the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City from June 14-16, 2023 to see the products up-close.

“We are really excited to join the Corporate Giveaways Buyers’ Show which is in June 14-16, so please go and support Philippine-made products. Please go and attend this show because it’s been around for more than 30 years, it’s very organized, and companies will not get bored because there’s going to be an array of different products that are going to be presented in this show. This is actually the first time that For Keeps Clean Beauty will be able to join this corporate show,” concludes Sy.

For Keeps Clean Beauty will be joining over 100 exhibit booths and 80 companies displaying gifting ideas — from trendy mobile and tech gadgets, self-care bundles, eco-friendly items, food and beverage, and more! Admission to the Corporate Giveaways Buyers’ Show is free of charge. All you need to do is register via their website prior your visit.

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  1. All-natural ingredients and they value sustainability kaya must try nga ang nga products ng For Keeps Clean Beauty.

  2. Nice to know this product and based In Your review Ms.Ces ,ang ganda pala nito and amazing product that i must try too❤️

  3. Support local ❤️ ganda ng packaging ❤️ and talaga nga naman ang gaganda ng benefkts for our skin ❤️

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