‘Non-surgical Rhinoplasty’: Trying the no-suture HIKO Nose Lift at Una Medica

It’s been over a year since I got a HIKO Nose Lift under Dr. Jenina Escalderon and since I’m getting it not only for aesthetic purposes but also medical ones, let me share my experience with my second batch of threads which does not involve sutures! That means no more stitch at the end of your nose for a week, faster healing, and easier coverage once the wound heals. The experience isn’t all rainbows and butterflies, though. This still involves a bit of pain and a lot of precautions so let me go through them one by one.

Before anything else, I would like to remind everyone that getting such procedures will always involve risks. It’s up to you as the patient to regularly update your doctor and follow before-and-after reminders to ensure healing. There’s also nothing wrong with wanting to enhance your features, more so in wanting to solve a medical issue with the help of such methods labeled as “aesthetic procedures”. Just make sure to consult a certified surgeon such as Dr. Escalderon who is an ENT and Facial Plastic Surgeon. She has even been interviewed in numerous television programs and online platforms as a resource person about surgeries.

Note: Apologies for the photo quality, these were screenshots from the video I took! You can watch it on my YouTube channel.

Before people get preachy on the comments section again, let me repeat why I opted to get a HIKO Nose Lift for the second time: I have uneven nose cartilages and this is very obvious especially in photos and videos. It’s not that evident now as this is already my second time getting a HIKO Nose Lift. On the medical side of things, the uneven cartilage somehow affects my breathing. Getting a lift helps open the breathing passage! I hope this addresses “Your nose looks fine, why bother doing that??” kind of comments. Now on to my experience…


Instead of using Korean PDO threads, which is made out of a smooth yet tougher material, the new German threads used on my nose are more flexible and have these barbed-like appearance. These “teeth” gently lifts the skin to the desired direction and solidifies through connective tissues after a few days for a more natural look.

“Before, around two years ago, we used the simpler and more dissolvable types of nose threads. What’s new right now at Una Medica (is that) we use PCL threads — the longer lasting and softer ones. It’s clear so it’s not noticeable when you insert it inside the nose and it doesn’t create a dark dot-like effect on the nose tip which appears blue or purple-like after the procedure,” shares Dr. Escalderon. “The German threads are now longer lasting (vs the Korean threads) so in some patients, it can last up to two years, but it depends on the patient’s metabolism.”

I experienced less bruising this time vs in 2021 when we used PDO threads, too! After 4 days, I was already able to face the camera again and easily hide the point of insertion with the help of makeup. I made sure to get clearance from Dr. Escalderon before applying makeup on. Take note that not everyone has the same healing speed. Some take longer so make sure to follow all the aftercare reminders.


The process remains the same: You’ll need to consult Dr. Escalderon at Una Medica prior the procedure and check which threads best suit your facial structure and needs. You’ll be asked to put on a surgical gown, cleanse your face, and lie down comfortably. Dr. Escalderon will then be injecting anesthesia around your face to numb the nose area before inserting the nose threads. Once the threads are inserted, it will be sealed with a small bandage and that’s it! You’ll also be prescribed with antibiotics and a cream that can help make the healing process faster.

If you want a more detailed look at the HIKO Nose Lift procedure, you can refer to our previous blog here or the video below. The only difference is that no sutures are involved this time because the German threads used are thinner and does not easily move around.


For the ladies, I would suggest that you get HIKO Nose Thread after your monthly period to avoid bruising. Our bodies are usually sensitive before and during menstruation so best to do it after! You might also want to mentally prepare yourself because it’s a bit painful even with the anesthesia. You’ll also need to plan your rest days ahead as you won’t be allowed to workout for a few weeks, lift heavy things, and do strenuous activities until the wound heals. I did mine on a Friday morning and rested over the weekend.

Aside from these, you can also prepare paracetamol, cold compress, and fresh bedsheets ahead of time.


After getting a HIKO Nose Lift, never ever miss the schedule of your antibiotics. Drink your meds on time and apply cream as prescribed. Expect swelling and a bit of stinging during the first 48 hours, but this can easily be solved by applying cold compress, taking paracetamol, and getting lots of sleep! I had to make sure that my surroundings, towels, pillows, and everything that goes near my face are clean, too.

When sleeping, I would suggest that you put pillows on the left and right side of your face to avoid movement and in ensuring that you sleep on your back for 5 days or until the wound heals.

You’ll also have to plan your next clinic visit ahead of time. Make sure to see the doctor 1 week post-treatment and regularly update him/her even online or via SMS if you see anything that may be bothering you.


German threads are more expensive vs Korean PDO threads but during promo season, Una Medica offers it at more or less Php 13,000. Original price costs around Php 25,000.

Una Medica, Dr. Escalderon’s new clinic, is located at 656 Del Monte, Quezon City. You may schedule an assessment to get an accurate rate by calling +63945 867 6822 or send them a message via Facebook:

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  1. Ganda ng result nito. Another optiom ito for nose lift. Thanks po for sharing info about this.

  2. Ganito ung isa sa gusto ko pag ipunan . Worth it sa ganda ng result . Thanks for sharing great review 🥰

  3. Ito yung gusto kong matry e mas affordable siya kesa rhinoplasty and no more tiis ganda kesa pag nagpa rhinoplasty, ganda talaga ng result sana matry ko sooon ❤️

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